[The Presidential Blog] Our President-in-absentia has had the busiest day in vacation history

It’s been 49 days since we have had a President on vacation outside of the country. No one knows how much presidential work he’s done in that time or if he’s been up to any even seeing as he transferred powers of the office to the “capable” Professor Yemi Osinbajo.

However, today alone we noticed a spike in his activities as he’s not only received a guest at his holiday home in London but also put a call through to Nigeria. Finally, the imprisoned wife of Shiite leader, El Zakzaky, Zeenat penned him an emotional letter that is guaranteed to keep him busy the moment he gets it.

Let’s take a quick look at his full day.

The phone call

Last night, the former governor of the Western Region, Adeyinka Adebayo died in his sleep last night and as has become somewhat customary in this circumstance, the President made a call to his son, Niyi Adebayo to commiserate with him. The President lamented that Nigeria will surely miss the uncommon patriotism and nationalism which General Adebayo typified. 

The visit

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury also paid a visit to President in his Abuja House residence.

Finally, a letter from one of his detainees

Zeenat Zakzaky, wife of leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Ibrahim Zakzaky penned a letter to the President today where she demanded reasons why she and her husband are still in detention despite court granting them bail.

“All I wish to know is why you remain in defiance and above the law and will not obey the law and abide by the judgement of the court that still stands regardless of appeal, which mandates you to free me so I can hug my last surviving son and embrace my two daughters?”

It’s not a lot but it’s more than he’s doen in the past 49 days.

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