[The Presidential Blog] See the “modest” photo of President Buhari that almost turned Facebook upside down

With over 2,ooo shares in just two days, Facebook Imam Ghazali Umar’s photo of President Buhari in a house said to be in Daura, Katsina (the President’s hometown) has brought forth a new and very confusing kind of angle to discussions about President Muhammadu Buhari.

It has nothing to do with his sickness, and very little to do with his Presidency and although the “integrity” angle to the picture is not a new topic as far as President Buhari is concerned, we cannot help but wonder if there’s need to invest in a sociological study of Facebook commenters as it relates to the Nigerian President.

President Muhammadu Buhari at his family house in Daura. See the floor of the house, the chairs they are using and even…

Posted by Imam Ghazali Umar on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Imam Ghazali Umar shared the photo on his timeline on Tuesday and from his caption, it seems he did so to underscore what he perceives as the “integrity, humility and simplicity” of President Buhari. Not very new ideas. They also do not really contribute to the discussions that have involved the President lately -namely, his health and his continued roles in the progress/stagnation of Nigeria as a nation. Or even “how did he let Magu get so mangled”?

Yet, a lot of Nigerians on Facebook seem to be able to relate. The comments range from admiration to pity with one commenter even making a very kind hearted wish:

I think PMB should convert to Christianity, his life exemplifies a Born again Christian.”

Take a look at some others below:

Photo of President Buhari

But just in case you are not yet sufficiently confused about what the priorities of many Nigerians are, you are welcome to the prime entertainment of all 200+ comments on this post.

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