Rejoinder: Gays and Lesbians, we WILL NOT keep quiet

by Aninoritse Odeli-Serrano

Black gay couple

I read Mr. Philip Amiola’s article with interest and great amusement. I quite enjoyed it. He had valid points and perhaps if my views didn’t lie with the opposition, I might have been hailing it as the best thing ever to happen to the straight voice.

Just because a bunch of society’s minorities have stood up to defend their rights as human beings they have become evil?? Somebody needs to wake me up from this ignorance that seems to abound of late. Are we not all equal before God and man or when did that change?? Members of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, BiSexual & Transgender) community have for most of their lives, been oppressed and sought after for torment and to be made mockery of. For years and even centuries, it has been illegal to be gay. Many have lived in fear and because they have gotten tired of being beaten down, and decided to take a stand they are now evil? Please spare me this rudimentary bull and shit. Apologies, I am starting off with such aggression, I might try to tone down the anger but then again, those that have hate towards LGBT never tone down the hate or the venom they feel. So…

I read Mr. Philip Amiola’s article with interest and great amusement. I quite enjoyed it. He had valid points and perhaps if my views didn’t lie with the opposition, I might have been hailing it as the best thing ever to happen to the straight voice.

Now according to this article, the gays are “attempting to transmogrify the marriage institution”. Please! When did the gays ever threaten the sanctity of marriage? Oh you mean when Mr. Jones sees Maxwell and Akin kisses in public, he feels his marriage to Mrs. Jones is a problem and suddenly becomes batty overnight? Or is it when young kids see the gays, they suddenly feel the marriage their parents have is so boring and immediately identify as gay? And excuse me, sorry o but why is the idea of a gay marriage appalling? Two folks love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together and you say because they are two men or two women they shouldn’t???

Who stopped and made you lot the rule makers? What is unnatural about gays and gay marriage? Must everything be the way society demands it? Oh yes the moral high ground. Yes Christianity says no. Islam says Haram. Ok! When you lot finish drinking your moral cup of water, let me know. You do remember “he who is without sin cast the first stone”. Atink I see you have carried rocks o.

You speak of family as the centre and unit. How exciting!! So explain this for me Mr. Amiola, “Good families are a product of healthy marriages”. Really?! Really?! Hiaan! So what about people who have grown up in homes without parents, kids whose fathers or mothers abandoned them and were either brought up by a single parent or grandparents. Kids who didn’t have the wonderful family unit of marriage – what do you say to this dear kind sir, are they the ones causing the “gayism” you seem to detest with such passion?? I thought the true definition of family is a group of people together who love each other and care for each other? What is wrong in a kid having two mums or two dads? Remind me again how this affects your own family unit?

It’s disheartening for you to put down the works of gay activists and movements. These men and women fight for the rights of your fellow human beings. For you to claim “gay rights movements are on a mission to distort our fundamental values and topple the foundational structures of our society” is pure jokes. I swear, I find it hilarious. This is the same society that is riddle with all sorts. Corruption is threatening the very existence of the society and it’s the gays that are the issues? What would you say about the environmental activists, are they being a pain in society’s butt too?? All these people want to do is live their lives, is that so hard to allow?

You happily praise the National Assembly for (almost) passing a bill – but how can you ban what doesn’t even exist? Nah! I am not even going to go into the technicality of that wretched bill – let’s go back to the issues: what makes a gay man different from you dear sir? He is a man just like you. Likes sports, loves video games, talks politics with you at the beer parlour, drives a car or climbs okada with you, stands in the queue with you in the bank and at the cinemas. He is a man like you!!

I would believe that whatever the gays and the lesbians did in the privacy of their homes and bedrooms wouldn’t concern you as whatever you do with your other half concern the rest of the world unless you are into some freaky deaky stuff.  Are you going to hate your PA because he tells you he is gay? Or your little cousin who you carried as a young girl? Think of it dear sir, if one if yours was batty, would you carry out your exorcism because you feel you have been appointed? If God is angry with the LGBTs then let the almighty himself do justice but that justice and that finger pointing is not for you and the fellow straights you are eagerly gearing up.

Remember the gays have always been here since time and let me break it down for you: they ain’t going anywhere, learn to deal with it.

Mr. Amiola is definitely entitled to his own opinions and these are simple mine.


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  1. You people who mentioned culture amazes me really, if you’re talking about culture not part of homosexuality then you’re obivously missing important clues in your research..And all of you calling the writer different names I wonder the kind of homes you were raised from, I’m sure its worst than two men marriage..Also the people talking about animals not being gays, are you from another galaxy? So you don’t know most animals, mammals practise homosexuals? I pity and smh my head for your ignorant..Before you cast a stone to someone watch your back to make sure you’re not stoning your own blood relative, because that your brother you love so much you could give ur life for is in love with his fellow man, that you baby sister you’re protecting from preying men, is happily in love with her female class mate, your father beats your mother everyday because he hates his life for been forced to be with your own mother because of the society..Your boss who is depressed is unhappy because people like you make her do what she is not feeling..So save the future of the innocent and let everyone live their lives in the way that makes them happy..You all religion voltrons, the God that creates us all MADE NO MISTAKE, when you hate gay people or any minority in the society you’re trying to say ,that God you’re fighting seriously for made a mistake and he’s not perfect…”He said before you were born he knew you and what you’ll become” why not sitback and let God rule..And lastly for the person who ignorantly mention God and Government together in the same statement please wake up from your extremist life, only a fool and ignorant person will make religion the law of a country with constitution, constitution wise, gay and Lesbians/bisexual/transgender have same equally right as you because they are rightful citizens just like you…bullying/bashing/sending gay people into the hidden will not do you people any good, that your beautiful daughter will marry a handsome bitter man because he’s not attracted to female but your bigotry attitude have given him no choice, trust me she will be in for the show of her life, save young female, children and men from such lives and let everybody be who they are and do what makes them happy…I think straight people do worst things than any sexual minority..Uncles you abuse toddlers and co, and you’re all pervert for thinking about gay people in this way, because if you do not think about their sexual life why be so bittered about this topic?you can only be annoyed and bittered because you imagine what they do in bed, why not see them as professions,teammates,doctors,lawyers,e.t.c, stop thinking about the sex they have..Most of you straight men go about paying extra cash to female begging for anals, why do you think you are better than gays? Live and let’s live..

  2. Nice one Anino. These overbearing ‘I’m too moral’ sanctimonious people do my head in. They annoy me to no end. Live and Let’s Live, I say. What is so hard in that? Allow them be. If they wanna be gay, let them be. It’s their cuppa tea. Mr Amiola needs to check himself. I find that people that have these strong and unreasonable bias against gays have serious underlying issues themselves.

    1. But morality is important.

      Or should we also discard our culture? Is it not colonial mentality that you want us to follow suit and legalize gay marriages like America?
      The whole world agrees that Africa has a rich culture. It contributes to making Nigerians happier than most other citizens of the world. Please, let’s protect it. There will always be a group in a society that will bear the cost of “maintaining the societal and cultural values”.

  3. This writer is just trying to be politically correct. I do not judge, nor will I cast the first stone, but I will not encourage others to “sin”. I am a christian, and the sacrament of holy matrimony is between a man and a woman. I will not discriminate, but I will not encourage “this different sexual” behaviour to the extent of supporting “marriage/matrimony” for whoever is “affected.

    Let me ask you one question: DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD?

  4. There’s a long list of animals that display homosexual behaviour. Here’s a link to a page on wiki.

    That been said, they are lower animals and have less cerebral development than we humans.
    Also, arguing on homosexuality in a religious point of view is judgemental. And how about atheits? They are many, even in our society.
    The writer was harsh in the write up thus losing focus on many points.
    The speech by the Senate President David Mark on the day the bill against homosexuality was passed read that ‘homosexuality is alien to our culture and is thus seen as an immoral act here’.
    I was never a fan of insisting on culture but I agree with him. That is reason enough for one nation to not accept it. It has always been a controversial way of life all around the world and is infact strange in ours. My other reason against it is the fact that it does not support procreation which is a beautiful thing that brings joy to all animals especially humans.

  5. Untill this writter show me the first set of Animals that are gays,I will continue to resist this evil in my generation.God saves Africa!

  6. Its obvious the writer is either a gay, or has tendencies towards homosexuality. Until I notice a gay goat, chicken, lion..etc then humans have no ‘sane’ reason to be homosexual. Its simply SODOMY!! You are NEVER a product of a
    homosexual parent, so why become one. THINK!!

  7. that is the problem with freedom of speach, people like this good for nothing idiot would talk anyhow.. Let me tell you, one of the reason God brought rules is so that you abide and once you dont the government steps in(thats why we put them in) if you say because people love it so we shouldnt talk then you are stupid cause many people just love killing so why shouldnt we alow it cause we love it.. If we dont put a stop to imorality what then makes us bettter than the goat

    1. exactly my thoughts! So if i love any barbaric act it should be passed as a bill bcos i love it?that means drugs like cocaine should also be allow bcos they are people who love it and are addicted to it and they are humans too! I hate it when people cant settle down and use thier brains he talks abt kids having same sex parents not wrong is this man high on something?what is the balance if same sex parents train a child?we have problems already arising from single parenting is that not the sam as same sex?in my own opinion they can do what they like in thier privacy but u cannot force us to accept it we got rights too!

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