#OccupyNigeriaReview: We share some of the jokes from the protest!

by Daniel Essien

During the #OccupyNigeria protests, a lot of people, especially on social media chose to see the funny side of the matter. Here’s our pick of some of the jokes that went around – share us!


Girl in Lagos @ d protest ground saw BANKY W, rushed him n gave a boy around her new bb bold 5 to snap dem so she go take am pose for her dp, the boy disappeared from d crowd. Now who go pay for d fone? (A). banky w, (B). NLC, (C). jonathan


Oh, one last #OccupyNigeria #Lagos picture. Yeah, dude with the black bag is selling “vegetables” 🙂


I love this joke…I tink GEJ is a Nokia addict..from N65 to N97.. mr jona plis we want nokia N63 if its posssible. N97 na slide fone and d flex deh always give problem. How did the FEC get N97? Diezani’s age(52) + Ngozi’s age(58) minus the number of years PDP has ruled Nigeria(13) = 97. Prove me wrong


List of FOOD for Aso Rock: Gucci Rice wit crystals, Louis Vuitton Beans, Buvlgari Garri, Givenchy Fufu, Ferragamo Yam, Dorothy Perkins Maggi, St Michaels Salt, Adidas Palm oil, D&G Crayfish, Sean John Owo&starch, Phat Farm Semovita, True Religion Pepper, Polo Tomatoes, Versace Curry&thyme, Tommy Hillfiger Egusi, Clarke Ogbono, Burberry kpomo & Prada shaki!!! Why dem no go chop #1 BILLION worth of FOOD.


Safeena Buhari: Welcome to subsidy online assistance service. How can we help you today?
-To know the price of fuel in your home zone PRESS 1.
– If you are still stuck in the village PRESS 2.
Relevant Links
•    West Africa
•    Nigeria
•    ICT
– In case you need fuel but you don’t have money PRESS 3.
– To get in touch with a black marketer in your area PRESS 4.
– If you are interested in marrying an oil worker especially a petrol attendant, PRESS 0.
– To personalize your new engine to start using palm wine, PRESS 5.
– If your new means of transportation is donkey, PRESS 6
– If you voted GEJ and not PDP, PRESS 7
– For more info, please stay online to speak to President Goodluck Jonathan.
– In case you are not satisfied with his explanation, join the #OccupyNigeria protest nearest to you. Thank you

Basket Mouth Latest Joke 2012; In diz life, there are 2 things involvd:
Its either u’r a President, or u’r amng d masses.
If u’r amng d masses u’r safe, but if u’re d president, there are 2 thngs involvd.
Its either u let Ur Finance Minister resign or u remove fuel subsidy.
If ur Finance Minista resign, u’r safe. But if u remove subsidy, ther are 2 thngs involvd.
Its either the HOUSE impeach u or the Millitary plot”coup de tat”againts u.
If d HOUSE impeach u, u’re safe, but if d Millitary plot coup against u, There’s only 1 thng involvd,”U WILL DIE” occupie 9ja

This is occupying nigeria with class! @YNaija @gbengasesan @elrufai #OCCUPYNIGERIA

Maybe we should change our national emblem from an eagle to a condom because it more accurately reflects the  political stance in naija.
A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks and gives you a sense of security while you are actually being screwed.>:O

If U support subsidy removal watch NTA,if U are against it watch Channels TV, if U are confused watch AIT. hehehe!

Girls occupyin #occupynigeria @occupynigeria @Funmilola @YNaija @Gidi_Traffic

So how do u explain this sponsorhip @iamkjv @Chude @AyoShonaiya @raggaremi Ridiculous innit!! #OccupyNigeria

This old woman was at #Ojota. I can’t describe the way I felt when came into the park. #OccupyNigeria

Vacancy!!! Vacancy!! Vacancy! The office of the President is vacant. All Applicants must have shoes and common sense =D

?This morning a man was caught stealing in Ariaria market in Aba. He was beaten, stripped naked and a tire put over his head. Till now, he is still like that…. Nobody gree bring fuel….=D

?This is just too hilarious, our President is angry and ready to punish us!

Heard that women are gonna be demonstrating NAKED against fuel subsidy removal. My advise is pls lets not worry the old one.  I believe young unmarried ladies will look…. sorry will be better to raise our ISSUES and drive our point home:D

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