Sad: Covenant University student, Ndubuisi Brown reportedly commits suicide (PICTURED)

Ndubuisi Brown

by Isi Esene

In what has become a worrying string of young people taking their own lives, Covenant University graduate, Ndubuisi Brown reportedly committed suicide over the weekend by hanging himself.

Brown, who was a student of  Economics and Development Studies reportedly hung himself in his home with many claiming he had drowned at the beach.


UPDATE: Though initial reports say Ndubuisi Brown committed suicide, feedback from several respondents who claim to know the victim say he drowned at the Takwa Bay beach on Sunday night.

Many still insist it was a suicide but whatever the case might be a young life has been lost.

We shall continue to investigate the unfortunate incident.

May his soul rest in peace.

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  1. who’s the punk that wrote this shit…..

  2. Are You Mad? FUcking Retard!!!! Where did you get this story? Dont let me curse you now…..He drowned at Taqua Bay….Freaking Stupid Nigerian Bloggers……Confirm your story before posting it….Better take this story down or else it will be your portion


  4. It is alarming to c d extent to which u so-called bloggers would go to in order to stay relevant. Lying about the cause of death of a young boy who is not here to defend himself.If u cant very your sources,don’t update! Sloppy journalism!

  5. You guys and fake gist, Number one, he is 200 level student of Economics and not a graduate secondly, he Drowned. Stop peddling rumours and allow the guy rest in peace FAKE REPORTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. "We shall continue to investigate the unfortunate incident." What "investigation" can you carry out? mtcheeew!

    1. i dnt think he committed suicide, what i heard from our friends was that he drowned at the beach

  7. Now this may as well be the last time I’m visiting YNaija…To be honest, in recent time you guys have become annoyingly senseless with your stories – a far cry from “true and young” journalism…

  8. Can somebody tell me why his family can’t sue Ynaija and the journalist Isi Esene. You have proof of their fake disturbing story with the b oys pictures too. Please sue

  9. Ndubusis is my direct cousin. Isi Esene, u are a wicked reporter. Why not verify ur story b4 u publish. Ndubuisi is from a very STABLE and LOVELY HOME. He got drowned at the beach on sunday and his body was recovered on monday.pls take this false story out now now.Ndubuisi never committed suicide.u are causing us more harm.RIP ND.

  10. May his soul rest in peace

  11. Retract your false story on Ndubuisi who died at Tarkwa Bay Beach in Lagos. He died by drowning at the Beach. If by tomorrow you have not retracted this false story, you will face a legal action. Please do the needful. Thank you.
    Mazi Unegbu.

  12. Whoever wrote dis ridculos story shuld be sued for writing such. A worng story about the dead,hE never committed murder he drowned in a beach so get your fact straight…so pls respect your self anD remove dis stupid report abut ndubuisic iheoma..

  13. Fuck yall so called press bitches nd let ma nigga RIP…

  14. THIS STORY IS FALSE, VERY WRONG. PLEASE VERIFY YOUR STORIES BEFORE YOU PUBLISH THEM AND MISLEAD THE PUBLIC. The boy is my cousin, he died at Takwa Bay Beach, he drowned in the sea, carried away by the waves. Retract this story immediately and stop painting the boy as a sick child, why would he commit suicide, he comes from a stable home. PLEASE THESE STORY IS CAUSING MORE PAIN TO THE FAMILY RETRACT IT.

    1. Ndubuisi is my direct cousin. Isi Esene u are a wicked reporter.why not verify ur stories b4 u publish.ur story is SO FALSE. Ndubuisi drowned in the beach on sunday and his body was recovered on monday. He is from a very STABLE and LOVELY HOME.U need to apologize for this false publication now.

  15. Y naija! U guys shud get ur facts ryt and allow our brother rest ℓ̊n peace! Stop fabricating lies! He was nt even a graduate!!! PLS Stop dis stupid stories.

  16. This story is so wrong. His elder cousin said he drowned at the beach over the weekend in lagos. Why are you reporting lies about the dead. Some causing more pains to the family please. RIP Ndubuisi

  17. may ur soul rest in peaceoooo

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