@SimonChairman: @BarrackObama only deserves a bronze medal

by Simon Utsu

Barack keeps getting it wrong in key foreign policy decisions. We all know Putin isn’t very ‘sane’, so I’m quite baffled why Obama did chose to fight an insane man with sanctions!


If we look at the merged image above, we have to the left, the “yes we can” Obama and to the right; the “yes I’m tired of the job Obama”.

Within the space of five years, Barack Obama has morphed from a youthful looking chap to an elderly looking man.
I’m a 105% sure that Obama is looking forward to that day when his tenure would elapse; he can’t just wait to stop being a President.
This is the first time an American President hasn’t been perceived as the most powerful man in the world. In my own rankings, Putin is first, Angel Merkel is second and Obama comes in third place.

Barack keeps getting it wrong in key foreign policy decisions. We all know Putin isn’t very ‘sane’, so I’m quite baffled why Obama did chose to fight an insane man with sanctions!

I think Putin is more at home with the international political terrain and simply pulled the Crimea card to make Obama come out for a fight. Obama fell for that and came out to further display his inexperience and poor tact in international diplomacy. He will soon be the laughing stock of the world, especially when European leaders sit down with Putin and reach a compromise before winter. This is the same way Obama’s America lost to Russia last year on the international scene; first during the pursuit of Edward Snowden and then on Syria.

His African policy is even poorer.

Yes he wasn’t elected to Preside over an African country but he should at least reciprocate the massive support Africa showed him in 2009. If not for anything; for the fact that Africa is where his ancestry lies. Obama’s body language towards Africa has been that of nonchalance. He usually has a neutral or negative disposition towards Africa related issues. Before anyone says Africa is lazy and should liberate itself, let me put this into perspective a bit.

The biblical Moses was a Jew who grew up in Pharaoh’s household and was even seen as an Egyptian prince. But when he became an adult, the Jewish blood flowing through him started to push him closer to his brothers who had been enslaved by the Egyptians for centuries. They couldn’t liberate their selves. Moses was eventually used to liberate them from the stranglehold of his benefactors; the Egyptians.

Obama has refused to bat an eyelid on the modern day slavery majority of Africa has been pegged under by the likes of the IMF and the World Bank.

Giving us loans and grants at outrageous interest rates; more than quadruple the rates at which they lend to western countries.
Obama has also turned a blind eye on the divide and rule antics western nations have used to keep some rich African countries in perpetual war so as to be in control of their natural resources. A country like the Democratic Republic of Congo (which is the richest African country in terms of natural resources) has for decades been at war with different internal rebel groups who are purportedly sponsored by international “big brothers”. Obama’s government also, has only contributed empty rhetoric in helping Nigeria to fight insurgency.

After refusing to sell arms to Nigeria, they were fingered amongst the conspirators who blocked an arms deal the Nigerian government went to seal in South Africa. In the fight against Ebola, Obama has refused to release the potent ZMapp drug to African nations who have been plagued by the disease. Instead, his government has been busy sending untested drugs to African countries; a development which hasn’t yielded any positive result.

Finally, his kinsman, Uhuru Kenyatta is the victim of an international smear campaign instigated by the ‘Powers that be’.

Uhuru Kenyatta is one of the soundest leaders Africa has produced of recent, a very intelligent and purposeful leader in the mould of his father. He is also a great orator. Uhuru is presently at the Hague to defend himself against a ‘war crimes’ charge. From all indications, these charges are trumped up and are meant to destabilize his government. Instead of Obama using his powers to prevent his kinsman from being distracted from his job of leading Obama’s ancestral country to greater heights, he’s busy instigating trouble against the poor man. Why can’t he do same to Putin?

Have Bush and Blair ever been invited to the world court to face ‘war crimes’ charges? Obama as a President keeps trying too hard to be a populist leader. But by now, he must have realized it isn’t the best strategy in leadership. When all your policies are based on popular demand, why are you then a leader?

As a leader, one must make some radical decisions, some decisions that might be questioned by the masses in the now/short term but greatly appreciated in the long term.

If he resigns today, he would still be amongst the greatest of greats but everyone will know he wasn’t the greatest of Presidents. Truth is, Obama has to use his remaining three years more wisely.


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