SK Johnson: So Nigerians, what do we do with Beverly Osu now?

by SK Johnson


So, Nigerians, what happens now? What do we do with Beverly now?

I mean, on the one hand, it’s kind of a no-brainer. Pretty much everyone who has gone on this show has come out a celebrity; or something close to it, at least (I can hear you asking “where is Bayo?” don’t worry, I wonder too) so it stands to reason that Ms. osu is about to become the toast of music videos, magazine covers, Nollywood, maybe even the music industry. But then, there’s also the possibility of her going down the Goldie route – no, I don’t mean dying, even though we’ll all die some day anyway – but the fact Goldie’s popularity seemed to wane when she got out of the house. Perhaps that was a deliberate effort on Goldie’s part but her profile didn’t exactly explode to the stratospheric levels that generally characterize ex-housemates (Uti and Karen Igho say hello). Some say it’s because Nigerians were less than impressed with her behaviour in the house. Well, maybe, but Tonto Dikeh is a living testament to the paradox that is Nigeria’s relationship with its celebrities.

But regardless, Beverly Osu is a special case. She wants the fame and all its trappings, that much she’s made clear. She also occupies the unique position of being the most maligned Nigerian housemate till date – to the best of my knowledge anyway. She’s been called everything from a schizophrenic whore to a homewrecker to a confused little kid. And the things that have come out of her mouth haven’t exactly been throwaway either. From talk of abortions to accusations of domestic violence at the hands of 2shotz, Beverly kept giving. But will it be any use now? Will we make her a celebrity – well, at least a bigger one than she is now – or pay her no attention, regardless? My suspicions hinge on the former, but we’re watching, in any case.

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  1. Useless article.anyway keep making her more popular with ur least she gave u wat to write about.smh for some people.abeg which nigeria image?d one dats already a wreck.pls leave bev alone.besides,i dnt know wat u want to learn from bba.its not a morality show,so watch and stop judging and expecting too much from d husemates as if u are any better.some nigerians are just looking for who to ake their frustration on.leave dat young lady her joor.

  2. @big, u mean she said all that? smh for that girl o! cheiii! which kind human bieng she be sef!!! ewelele!

  3. Hahahahahaha, i go die !!!!!!!!! What ibo girls can do for money or power eh !!!! Imagine all she said from ‘MY FATHER IS AN ASSHOLE’, to the amount of abortions, to “we dont have mushrooms in Nigeria”, to my “mother was in prison in paris”, to “i stabbed a guy and was sent out of school”, to “i was kicked out of babcok in 300 level” …..and she was what? 17 yrs? Which result she carry enter?…… to organizing chics for fashola? hahahahahahaha. Ibgo pple? GREED !!! WHAT PEOPLE DO FOR MONEY………. DAMN.

    1. @Big you have to be the most shallow thinker to ever grace God’s green earth

  4. *SMH* you are so frustrated! Lack of news I u even think of hw it affects these pple? Why are we so judgemental? Kill dis news now and get a life.

    1. I hate her cox she kill nigeria image she is a hucker stupid ashe tank GOD she lost nd angelo fuck her fucking pussy nd move 2 SA

  5. Well,she entertained Africa bt I still dnt support her lousy and indecent not a saint but I would do better if given the chance,I wish her all the best!

  6. Nigerians need to leave Beverly alone! She’s not your concern! She’s a grown woman and she can do whatever she wants! Deal with your own skeletons and leave her to hers!#okbye

  7. I don’t see any sense in this article. The writer should keep quiet cos no one is a saint. Beverly osu is a star and a celebrity and nothing can change that

    1. Thank you 1st commenter. Really senseless article. What to do with her how? She’s not living for you. If you appreciate any of her talents, offer her jobs. Other than that, nothing else is for you to judge

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