Soyombo Ayomikun: Oh war, may the heavens punish you! (POETRY)

by Soyombo Ayomikun


We maim children.  Raping all women on site. We set ablaze. We tear apart

1.You’ve turned us

Into animals

Causing hate’s bubbling lava

To explode from our hearts

We roar around

Without pity,boiling with anger

Causing ourselves horror

From Gaza,to Borno

Now we smile watching the helpless die




2.We blow up edifices

Dancing as they crumble

We maim children

Raping all women on site

We set ablaze

We tear apart

We stab our beautiful world

At your bidding

At the end we still find no peace

Oh War…may the Heavens punish you!


3.We saw the decapitated bodies

On the streets of Nigeria

The coffins and sad hearses

That crawled through alleys in the Netherlands

The blown apart limbs


The little boy limp

Pulseless and drenched in blood in Gaza

That’s all we get from you

Oh War…you shameless spirit!



4.War has never brought joy

To any clan or nation

It never brings pure smiles

Even to the party that subdues another

It births revenge

And deep deep hurts

It splashes ashes on our faces

Ashes from burnt bricks & bodies

It calls us fools to our faces

For yielding to its tasteles nugde


5.From Israel & Palestine

To the cold shores of Russia & Ukraine

From the Sambisa forest

To the dried lands of Central African Republic

War is ready as always

To see us become rubbles of sorrow!

Before firing the next rocket

Loaded with fiery missiles

Remember the countless Netherlanders

That were silenced forever in MH17

Remember the great cost of War

The seared wounded hearts nothing would heal.

Before firing the next rocket

Loaded with fiery missiles

Remember the children in Gaza

Blown apart with no offence.

Remember the several wars

Fought in time past

Remember they never brought lasting peace

Remember war honestly wants no peace for no one


6.War is a fulminant disease

Never ready to let us be

Never ready to leave us in peace

Happier when we get blown into pieces

It loves seeing orphans

It smiles seeing mothers become widows

The animal in us turns it on

Making it go into its monstrous orgy

Israel,why not bury your bullets

Palestine,why not drown your bombs

Russia,why not destroy your warheads

Ukraine,why not break your spears

This world has seen loads of sadness

We have gulped gallons of pain

Now isn’t the time to spend days plotting

The downfall of another of Heaven’s creation


7.Bombs preach chaos

Bullets disemminate hate

Just a little tolerance

A little more of it is all we need

Just a little more of humility

Letting go of the treasure that’s rightfully yours

Not because you love to lose

But because peace tastes sweet

Because unity is a rare balm

A rare balm bringing meaning

Oh…that our anger slumps in death

Oh…that our rage gets tamed again


8.I can see you

Oh War

Dancing in hades

Where you belong

Waving your dark wand

That we may continue killing ourselves all the more

Gaza,please let’s shame this demon

Israel,let’s splash ash on War’s face

Russia,remember war has never yielded peace

Ukraine,never forget honour can be found even when all is lost

Our world

Has had enough

We have shed more than enough blood

We have thrown more than enough bombs

This dust which war is

Must be allowed to fade away

That we may as one stare War in the face


Oh War…May The Heavens Punish You!


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