Style Police: We're not even going to lie about it – these ones need to hire a stylist fast!

by Yemi Olowu

If you find yourself on this list, don’t fret – every one has off days. Though, if you already have a stylist and this accident still happened, then you need to fire her – or him or whatever – after all stylists perhaps out-number the stars these days *Straight face*.

So , as part of the #SoYouWantToBeAStylist series on YNaija today, we’re taking a look at just a few celebrities who urgently need a stylist on speed dial. An oh don’t be upset – we’re just having a little fun!

Eucharia Anunobi

All that glitters … can be a horror movie. From her hair to her make-up and dress, Aunty E looks like she’s wearing a costume for a Dracula shoot.  The jewellery’s obviously choking life out of her, and making her sweat like her life clearly depends on it. Seriously, the only thing this ensemble did perfectly was add more to her many years. Ogini!

Wunmi Obe

We’ve always loved the uber-talented Ms. Obe, and we still do. That said, she really needs to agree with us that less is more. This dramatic dress just made her double up. The floral appliques are not even necessary. The arm exposure, even in see-through, is a wrong move. Forget stylists, the designer needs to go.

Nneka & Isaac Moses 

Oh dear Lord, what’s bringing all our favourite people under our whip today?! We know they are flag bearers of all things African, but still. African can be tasteful, no? By Jove, the Mrs. has her under-garment in full show! Mama Africa is weeping somewhere.


*Sigh* Where do we even begin? The hair… the face… the blouse … the skirt… the shoes… the horror! Even her black ‘inner-wear’ found its way out. Clearly the star of the defunct Ripples soap opera is stuck in an era long gone. This is beyond redemption.

 Lilian Bach

If we’d seen Lilian in this dress, we would have said good night to her – it just has to be a night gown!. The jury’s still out on Ms. Bach’s acting, but it’s a unanimous verdict on the cheapness of the dress. Shame really – she’s a beautiful, beautiful woman with a killer figure and a skin to make us yellow with envy… stylists would kill to dress her up. Like Nigerians say on Twitter, bhet why?

MBGN 2010

Seriously? No we mean, seeeeriously?! A jumpsuit with LOOIS VOITTON PARIS written all over it?! A Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria winner?! No comments. Someone get us Ben Bruce on the phone.

And, we’re out!: )

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Comments (6)

  1. Errr, I dont see what's wrong with Lilian Bach's cloth tho. And I will pretend I didnt see that Ingbi woman – what do you expect from a woman named Ingbi? Blame her parents.

  2. Eucharia is a weist – @Thatisall

  3. Who do I start with? MBGN with her crass jumpsuit, which the designer couldn't make up its mind whether to write LOOIS or LOOS (which is where the jumpsuit should end up anyway)? Or Rosemary Ingbi, who's looking more like a ko s'arugbo…? Poor Yemi, you couldn't have enjoyed those outings with all these clowns present.

  4. Sigh. Eucharia is a weist


  6. No, not just Ben Bruce. Get us Donald Tramp (oh, sorry, Trump). We should be banned from the Miss Universe pageant. Jeez! If na original LV, I for understand. Loois Voitton. WHat voodo!

cool good eh love2 cute confused notgood numb disgusting fail