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ToluJanuary 13, 2017

#Impact365: “One woman dies of cervical cancer every hour in Nigeria” | Tewa Onasanya of EMAC calls for women to get screened

Cervical cancer starts in the cells lining the cervix — the lower part of the uterus (womb). This is sometimes ...

ToluJanuary 11, 2017

#Impact365: HCD Centre provides mentorship for undergraduates as it aims to create global business leaders

Human Capital Development Centre has a major goal and that is to empower young undergraduates in Nigeria to become business ...

ToluJanuary 9, 2017

#Impact365: “Can you date an albino?” | OAM Foundation commits to ending the discrimination against persons living with albinism

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see an albino in these parts? Queer, deformed, ill or ...

ToluDecember 9, 2016

#Impact365: Caleb Egwuenu’s NGO is standing up to cancer in Nigeria and making sure the awareness is non-stop

This scourge called cancer has cut short lives of millions of men, women and children across the world. The attendant ...

ToluDecember 7, 2016

#Impact365: ACF provides free medical aid to rural communities in Ebonyi and other Eastern states

Though based in the Eastern region of Nigeria, Abraham’s Children Foundation has spread its goodwill across the rest of Nigeria ...

ToluDecember 5, 2016

#Impact365: This home takes in orphans, abandoned and underprivileged children

Located in Lekki, Lagos, Vigilant Heart Charitable Society provides support to abandoned children and also promote child fostering in a ...

ToluNovember 25, 2016

#Impact365: This NGO helps youths find direction beyond formal education

Young people are vulnerable, especially in societies where they hardly get any attention and have been saddled with the task ...

ToluNovember 23, 2016

#Impact365: StartUP6 provides a platform for young entrepreneurs to grow their business using social media influencers

StartUp6 is a unique initiative that targets small businesses by providing a platform for them to connect with social media ...

ToluNovember 19, 2016

#Impact365: This NGO is passionate about children with Cerebral Palsy and cares for them for free

Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder that affects movement, muscle tone and posture caused by damage that occurs to the ...

Mazi EmekaOctober 17, 2016

#Impact365: Connecting people to job opportunities | How Dele Bakare of findworka makes it happen

Dele Bakare is the lead technologist at financial advocacy group, BudgIT. He is Chief Executive of findworka, an online place ...

Mazi EmekaOctober 7, 2016

#Impact365: Fusing tech with social good | Here’s how Joseph Agunbiade does it

by Usman Alabi Joseph Agunbiade is the co-founder and Head of Technology at BudgIT, a civic startup that is moulding ...

Mazi EmekaSeptember 30, 2016

#Impact365: Temie Giwa’s LifeBank is solving Nigeria’s blood crisis

Temie Giwa is the chief executive of LifeBank, a five month old startup that is using technology to solve the ...

Mazi EmekaSeptember 28, 2016

#Impact365: These professionals are rebuilding rundown schools in Lagos

Established in 2013, HR -in -Action is a human capability development and career leadership social enterprise located in Lagos, Nigeria. ...

Mazi EmekaSeptember 26, 2016

#Impact365: Funmi Iyanda’s NGO has touched over 3,000 lives!

Founded by popular television personality and media entrepreneur, Funmi Iyanda, Change-A-Life (CAL) is a nongovernmental that has impacted the lives ...

Mazi EmekaSeptember 23, 2016

#Impact365: You probably don’t know this NGO but it’s changing lives in Edo

Braveheart Initiative is an Edo state non-governmental organization that provides support services and leadership training for young secondary school girls ...

Mazi EmekaSeptember 19, 2016

#Impact365: Some things may have gone wrong with Nigerian youth, but this NGO is changing that

Linking the Youths of Nigeria through Exchange (LYNX) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2004 that seeks to train young ...

Mazi EmekaSeptember 16, 2016

#Impact365: Bimbo and Friends are making so much difference through their NGO

Founded by Bimbo Akinsanya to help sensitize children on the importance of education, BimboandFriends is a Non-governmental organization (NGO) that ...

Mazi EmekaSeptember 12, 2016

#Impact365: This NGO run by a 25-year-old is making so much difference

Charity With Ayaoba is a non-governmental organization started by a 25-year-old to help fight against child-hawking and educate young children. ...

Mazi EmekaSeptember 9, 2016

#Impact365: The TEP center is providing innovative solutions to education

The Education Partnership (TEP) Centre is a leading education partnership consultancy within Nigeria. The centre works with the private and ...

Mazi EmekaSeptember 7, 2016

#Impact365: A group of developers figured out how students can earn money in schools

My FourWalls is a mobile application created to help Nigerian students gain easy access to deals, events and also make ...

YWriterSeptember 5, 2016

Editor’s note: Why YNaija.com is telling stories you don’t hear about – from across Nigeria

This morning, we begin a story series on YNaija.com called ‘We Survived Boko Haram’. Over the past month, we have ...

Mazi EmekaSeptember 5, 2016

#Impact365: This group of young women are fighting to end rape

Stand to End Rape (STER) is an Non-governmental organization led by a number of young women who are using social ...

Mazi EmekaSeptember 2, 2016

#Impact365: This NGO plans to send 1,000 children back to school – here’s how

Africa Education Aid for Development Network (AFEADEN) is a non-governmental organization that is providing education for underpriviledged and displaced children ...

Mazi EmekaAugust 31, 2016

#Impact365: How the Igwe twins plan to create 20 million jobs in 10 years

Tobias and Titus Igwe, the chief executive officers of Speedmeals LTD, are two entrepreneurs on a mission to create 20 ...

Mazi EmekaAugust 29, 2016

#Impact365: This home takes in Nigerian children that nobody else wants

Hearts of Gold Children Hospice is a care and management center for children with mental and extreme physical disabilities. Founded in 2003, ...

Mazi EmekaAugust 26, 2016

#Impact365: Adopt-a-Camp is transforming the lives of children in the North-east

After years of attacks and destruction of lives and properties in the northeast by Boko Haram, the region is slowly ...

Mazi EmekaAugust 24, 2016

#Impact365: How this team of young Nigerians tracked billions of diverted funds

Follow The Money is a nongovernmental organization founded by a team of young people to advocate, track and visualize government ...

Mazi EmekaAugust 22, 2016

#Impact365: Wana Udobang has raised over N3 million for cancer, and she is still on the march

1k4cancer initiative, founded by popular media personality and writer, Wana Udobang, has raised over 3 million naira to assist cancer ...

Mazi EmekaAugust 19, 2016

Interview: This team of young people is changing the face of education

ScholarX is a social enterprise that is posed to redefine the education sector through its proprietary scholarship matching platform that ...

Mazi EmekaAugust 15, 2016

Interview: How BudgIT is bringing down the walls

In four years, BudgIT has revolutionized the Nigerian public data and budgeting system with easily accessible creatives such as infographics, ...

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