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Omoleye OmoruyiAugust 21, 2017

EFCC to sponsor Ph.D researchers on anti-corruption

The anti-corruption agency, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has announced on Twitter that it would sponsor individuals who would ...

ToluDecember 9, 2016

#Impact365: Caleb Egwuenu’s NGO is standing up to cancer in Nigeria and making sure the awareness is non-stop

This scourge called cancer has cut short lives of millions of men, women and children across the world. The attendant ...

Adebayo EmuleomoAugust 2, 2016

Opinion: How agriculture can solve Nigeria’s unemployment crisis

by Chambers Umezulike The Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics has pegged Nigeria’s general unemployment rate at 12.1% as at the first ...

Adebayo EmuleomoJuly 22, 2016

Opinion: 4 things to consider when planning short-term investments

by Susan Melony There’s a lot of tips and advice floating around about are centered on long-term goals and strategies. ...

Mazi EmekaMay 25, 2016

This truth is not golden: Africa Check finds holes in El- Rufai’s claims

A research project by the AFP Foundation, Africa Check has found holes in the claims by the Kaduna state governor, ...

Adebayo EmuleomoMay 22, 2016

Cheating allegation forces Buhari’s anti-corruption adviser to resign

In reaction to the allegations of examination malpractice brought against a member of President Muhammadu Buhari’s Advisory Committee against Corruption, ...

Op-Ed EditorMarch 7, 2016

‘Focus on spirituality and leave politics alone’ | State of the Church Report (READ)

Alder Consulting, Nigeria’s leading creative intelligence firm recently launched its State of the Church Report at the social media week ...

Isime EseneOctober 29, 2014

Guys, here’s a perfectly valid reason to have over 20 female sex partners (READ)

by Isi Esene Latest studies have shown that there may actually be an upside side to men having sexual partners ...

Kolapo OlapojuOctober 23, 2014

Shocker! Europeans were allergic to milk for 5,000 years

by Temitope Onitiju When milk and cheese became a part of the daily diet of early humans, they had difficulty ...

June 21, 2014

9 peculiar facts about members of Nigerian mega-churches

by Nigel Boys Most of the new members of these churches have been brought into the congregation by family members, ...

April 7, 2014

8 reasons you’re still hungry – even after you just ate

by Men’s Health Do you sometimes feel ravenous, even though you just polished off a tasty lunch, a full dinner, ...

March 14, 2014

Good news: After-sex vaginal gel protecting women against HIV developed

by Akan Ido Scientists appear to have inched closer to discovering the cure for the dreaded killer disease HIV with ...

January 24, 2014

Waiting for the big ‘O’: 5 ways to delay his orgasm

by Emily Morse Anyone who listens to my podcast knows that I’m all about communicating in the bedroom.  If your guy is ...

January 10, 2014

Don’t do it! 25 reasons NOT to get breast implants

by Dr. Nalini Last week the FDA reported that breast implants put women’s lives in danger. The big news last week was that ...

July 25, 2013

Naomi Lucas: This is what you need to do if you truly care about the girl-child

by Naomi Lucas But as narrow-minded and backward as we may think Yerima’s submissions are, it’s imperative to understand how ...

July 4, 2013

Casual sex can lead to depression and anxiety – Study

Sleeping around may earn you brownie points with your mates, but you may end up paying an unexpectedly high price. ...

May 18, 2013

Opinion: I met a man with too much sperm…

by Vera Ezimora She went on to tell me that his problem was so massive that his sperm was being ...

May 1, 2013

Opinion: President Jonathan, what happened to all the diligent research we did for you during your camapign?

by Taofeek Ramat With nearly two years gone from the four-year term of Mr. President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, I guess ...

April 14, 2013

Workers with long commutes to work risk higher blood pressure, stress & heart disease

People complaining of a killer commute may be closer to the truth than they realise. Research has found that workers ...

March 15, 2013

#ABetterYou: What happens to you when you hurt others

From HealthyBlackWoman They also found that people who are ignored online, such as on Facebook, felt just the same as ...

March 6, 2013

Mfon Ekpo: The role of research in policy making (Y! Policy Hub)

by Mfon Ekpo The fact is research on its own is so tedious and unrewarding that to put organizations through ...

February 6, 2013

We knew it! This research says women are better leaders than men [DETAILS]

When most of us were little, at some point we heard some little girls telling the boys how much smarter ...

February 4, 2013

Modupe Adefeso-Olateju: In the beginning was the philosophy of education – Part 1 (Y! Policy Hub)

by Modupe Adefeso-Olateju The report of the national curriculum conference provided guidelines in three broad areas: needs of young people ...

January 25, 2013

Ever feeling down or grumpy? This might be the sign of a serious medical condition

What people usually pass off as “being in a bad mood” or just “feeling run down” is now understood as ...

January 14, 2013

Universal corruption: Research project ended because no young men who HAVEN’T watched porn

by Rachel Ogbu A research reached a dead-end when it tried to study into how porn affects men but experts ...

December 22, 2012

#BelieveItOrNot: Men with more brothers have faster sperm – Study

A new study suggests that the more brothers a man has, the faster his sperm swim, meaning greater fertility. Scientists ...

December 19, 2012

Are you likely to live long? This simple test will show you

by Lisa Collier Cool During the course of the study 159 of the 2,000 volunteers died, with the majority of the ...

December 11, 2012

New research reveals latest weight-loss secret

From Naturally Moi The key to success here is cutting back on the fat that you consume. The less fat ...

December 2, 2012

Want to live longer? Then cheer up, say scientists

From Techyville Positive thinkers are more likely to be able to continue with daily tasks later into their lives than ...

November 2, 2012

Amazing: Man with bionic leg set to make history, climbing one of the world’s tallest skycrapers (PHOTOS)

by Rachel Ogbu After losing his right leg in a motorcycle accident, Zac Vawter, a 31-year-old software engineer signed up ...

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