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April 7, 2014

8 reasons you’re still hungry – even after you just ate

by Men’s Health Do you sometimes feel ravenous, even though you just polished off a tasty lunch, a full dinner, ...

March 30, 2014

11 amazing benefits and uses of walnuts

by Chetana The anti-fungal properties of walnut oil make it great for the treatment of fungal infections like athlete’s foot and candida. ...

March 10, 2014

9 (disgusting) things you didn’t know you’ve been eating your whole life

by Huffington Post Some processed foods are most enjoyable when consumed under a veil of ignorance. Otto Von Bismarck, the ...

November 6, 2013

10 ways to decode what your girl is REALLY saying

by Akash Ruia This one’s a red flag. Changed, what a generalised word with subjective possibilities! Most of us shut ...

November 4, 2013

10 things you must NOT do on a first date

by Bea If you suspect your date might be a rapist, don’t go out with them. Or go to a ...

October 28, 2013

Wait, what? ‘Witch’ tortured with red hot irons and pliers, escapes after killing attackers and eating their hearts

An accused witch who was tortured with red hot irons and a pair of pliers told police she escaped from ...

October 19, 2013

4 (worrying) signs you’re obsessed with your weight

by Laura Travis Are you spending a lot of time on the bathroom scale? You should know that recording your ...

October 13, 2013

Emotional eating: 5 (skinny) alternatives to heartbreak foods

by Alexandra Churchill Digging spoon-first into a pint of ice cream is still apparently the expected “sadsingle woman” thing to do, it’s ...

August 10, 2013

#DivorceDrama: “My wife is a witch… all I want is freedom from her claws” – Frustrated husband

by Oge Okonkwo A disgruntled man and his wife engaged themselves in a war of words as they went before ...

August 3, 2013

Weight-loss: 5 reasons why women stop trying + healthy solutions

by Krystle Crossman They have tried everything and still aren’t losing weight. Sometimes it’s because they aren’t doing the right type ...

July 31, 2013

Man’s best friend? Man wakes up to find adopted stray dog eating his genitals

A paralyzed man is recovering in hospital after his dog ate one of his testicles. The 39-year-old, from Trumann, Arkansas, ...

May 16, 2013

Sugar causes diabetes? No! + See 4 other healthy eating lies

by Ryan J. Leeds,  Chan Teik Onn Considering that eating is the basic building block of survival, you’d think we’d pretty much ...

April 13, 2013

14 healthy foods all families should keep on hand

by The Domestic Life Stylist Think about it: the same pineapple that can be cut up for your toddler as ...

January 11, 2013

5 eating strategies to a flat tummy

from parkavenutrition.com With the Summer in its final weeks, our offices are busy with clients desperate for strategies to slim ...

November 28, 2012

5 weird things people do while sleeping

by Denise Winterman Increasing numbers of people are asking for help with sleep disorders and some of them are doing ...

November 18, 2012

5 ‘innocent’ everyday habits that could kill you

by Realbuzz.com Cleanliness tests in Britain have revealed that cash machines are just as dirty as public toilets, and many ...

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