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Ada IgboanugoJune 3, 2016

Donald Trump can now kiss China’s a**, literally

Following  Donald Trump’s anti-Beijing rhetoric during his U.S. Presidential campaign, a Chinese company, Qingdao Wellpaper Industrial Co., has reacted quite literally. The ...

Ada IgboanugoApril 20, 2015

This is the (weird) picture of a breastfeeding mom that’s got everyone talking (LOOK)

by Chinwe Okafor It went viral the moment it hit the internet. A picture of a mother breast feeding her ...

Ada IgboanugoFebruary 2, 2015

Woman blows up toilet while trying to kill a cockroach

by Chinwe Okafor Admit that you haven’t been that close to doing same, just close. It already is irritating sighting ...

Ada IgboanugoJanuary 8, 2015

This 5-foot-long snake slithered out of someone’s toilet (LOOK)

by Chinwe Okafor Who would have thought that any given moment, a five-foot-long snake could just emerge from the sewage ...

Kolapo OlapojuOctober 13, 2014

LMAO! Need a cat to clean your toilet? Here is one (LOOK)

by Temitope Onitiju   Besides being a cuddly pet, this cat has proven to be useful in other regards. We ...

June 21, 2014

#BelieveItOrNot: 7 strange things guys (actually) see as romantic

by Crstal Crowder     When a guy is trying his best to be romantic, he’ll probably make the bed. ...

May 25, 2014

5 (gross) things you do without thinking about it

by Men’s Health   Hygiene can be, well, ambiguous. While there’s no debate on whether it’s okay to pee in ...

April 24, 2014

The 9 biggest misconceptions about STDs

by Frank Kobola The truth: “Technically it is very hard to get an STD from a toilet seat,” says Ross. “But ...

April 9, 2014

Top 10 HIV/AIDS myths and misconceptions

by WebMD  33 Million People Now Live With HIV. How Did We Get Here? For nearly 30 years, HIV (human ...

April 7, 2014

Is your toothbrush within 6 feet of a toilet? SEE 5 oral hygiene mistakes you’re making

by Amanda Woerner 10 billion: That’s how many microbes live on your toothbrush at any given time. “Toothbrushes can act ...

March 28, 2014

10 things guys do when they’re sick

by Frank Kobola This might be the same cold you had two days ago, but we need you to look ...

February 15, 2014

Woman suffers serious burns to her buttocks after toilet EXPLODES beneath her

by Tutu Akinlabi A woman in Spain is said to have sued the management of a bar in Barcelona after ...

January 9, 2014

‘They were stabbed to death’: How woman killed her newborn twins & dumped them in toilet

by ‘Jola Sotubo A woman in Taraba has been arrested by police in the state after it was alleged that ...

December 12, 2013

HISss not going to like that: Snake bites tip of man’s penis as he sits down on public toilet

Kwabena Nkrumah ‘nearly collapsed’ when he peered down into the toilet and saw his attacker (not shown) — who looked ...

November 27, 2013

Opinion: World Toilet Day – Say no to open defecation and yes to toilets

by Jide Niyi-Leigh Every other student paid rapt attention as the biology teacher explained the process of reproduction It was a class ...

November 13, 2013

Ladies, eat your hearts out: 25 (interesting) perks of being a man

by Ankush Bahuguna While appearing for an interview, you aren’t expected to bend forward while talking to the interviewer. Neither ...

November 8, 2013

Where do you fall? 13 different stages of partying… by age

by Anna Breslaw AGE 14  It’s Friday!! I’m soooo excited to split mozzarella sticks at Arby’s with my BFFs and ...

October 22, 2013

Golden waste: Loo paper made of 22-carat GOLD goes on sale at £825,000

There seems to be no limit to the extremes people will go to show off their wealth. And now, for ...

October 13, 2013

We bet you DIDN’T know: 8 things you can do with Coca-Cola… besides drinking it

from Plus Brain power To remove those ugly stains, simply pour Regular Coke into your toilet bowl over the dirty ...

September 13, 2013

Chinese slumdog? 20-month-old boy falls into a pit of excrement while trying to use public toilet (Viewer Discretion)

A 20-month-old baby boy fell into a pit of sludge and excrement after trying to use a public toilet. Firefighters ...

September 3, 2013

SHOCKING: Woman arrested in Jigawa for dumping newborn baby in toilet

by Oge Okonkwo   A 23-year-old woman (name withheld) was arrested by the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), in Hadeja ...

August 29, 2013

Davido’s Skelewu competition! In the toilet, in the office and in super skimpy shorts (WATCH)

by Oge Okonkwo   It’s a week after the launch of Davido’s Skelewu competition and already the submitted videos have ...

August 27, 2013

INCREDIBLE: Woman gives birth in bathroom, dumps baby in toilet tank and returns to watch wrestling match (PICTURED)

Charged: Amanda Hein, 26, of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, has been charged with murder after admitting to killing her live newborn son. ...

July 14, 2013

OUCH! Snake bites Israeli man’s penis as he relieves himself in the toilet

A man was rushed to a hospital after a snake bit his penis while he was relieving himself in a ...

July 4, 2013

Opinion: A tale of two babies born in the toilet

by Uche Osuji   …he should go a step further: to tell his baby mama that having a baby in ...

June 28, 2013

OAU student who gave birth in toilet names baby, boy’s father identified

by Rachel Ogbu Oyinlola Rotimi, Obafemi Awolowo University student who became popular after giving birth in the student’s toilet has ...

June 25, 2013

“My baby has turned me into a kind of celebrity” – OAU student finally speaks out (PICTURED)

by Rachel Ogbu 400-level student, Oyinlola Rotimi has reportedly spoken put for the first time since she delivered her baby boy ...

June 20, 2013

OAU ‘flushing’ saga: Eyewitness gives details of how baby was delivered in the toilet

by Rachel Ogbu Head, Public Relations Unit, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) has confirmed the development of a 400 level student, ...

June 19, 2013

SHOCKING: OAU student allegedly caught trying to flush a newborn baby down the toilet (PHOTO)

by Akan Ido There are unconfirmed reports that a student of the Obafemi Awolowo University was caught trying to flush ...

May 14, 2013

Oh, really! Women’s handbags contain more bacteria than the average toilet

The  dirtiest item in average handbag is hand cream – it carries more bacteria than  the average toilet seat Leather  ...

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