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Adebayo EmuleomoDecember 9, 2015

‘Newly discovered sexually transmitted disease is more common in black people’

A new sexually transmitted disease called mycoplasma genitalium has been confirmed to exist by scientists in the United Kingdom. The ...

Kolapo OlapojuOctober 6, 2014

Scroguard, a new kind of condom which covers entire crotch region

by Temitope Onitiju A new kind of protection, ‘scrotal condom’, has been developed by two entrepreneurs based in Atlanta, U.S, to ...

writerJuly 22, 2014

This condom ‘kills’ the HIV virus (LOOK)

by Kolapo Olapoju A new condom capable of deactivating 99.9 per cent of HIV, herpes and human papilloma virus cases ...

April 26, 2014

5 tips for dating him even if he’s out of your league

by Reductress Wear it all the time; you never know when you’re going to run into someone from the upper ...

April 24, 2014

The 9 biggest misconceptions about STDs

by Frank Kobola The truth: “Technically it is very hard to get an STD from a toilet seat,” says Ross. “But ...

April 19, 2014

Listen & learn: 5 good reasons to drop him after the first date

by Anna Bella The first date can be exciting, fun, flirty and fabulous! It can also be boring, tear-jerking, woeful, ...

April 16, 2014

9 questions you should NEVER ask on a first date

by Kiri Blakeley  Financial questions are fine to ask, there’s no reason you shouldn’t know if someone is drowning in ...

April 11, 2014

7 things to do when giving your kid the sex talk

by Michelle Mayer Before you have the sex talk with your kids, ask them what they have already learned from ...

February 8, 2014

“My husband infected me with STDs” – Wife seeks dissolution of marriage

by Zara Mustapha The marriage between Azeezat Ayinde and her husband, Mohammed, has been dissolved by an Igando Customary Court in Lagos State after he  allegedly ...

February 6, 2014

OMG! This wedding dress was made with only CONDOMS (PICTURED)

by Tutu Akinlabi A wedding dress made with the only material being condoms has been put on display in Australia. ...

January 31, 2014

Bizarre: Health workers find maggots inside old woman’s vagina

by Tutu Akinlabi Recent reports have highlighted the plight of a young woman who had maggots removed from her vagina. ...

January 31, 2014

‘It was very painful’: Woman with maggots in vagina speaks out

by Tony Obi The report of a lady who had maggots removed from her vagina by doctors went viral yesterday. ...

January 24, 2014

Deadlier than AIDS: Scientists discover new STD that kills within days

by Oge Okonkwo There are reports that a new STD superbug has emerged and according to experts is more deadly ...

November 8, 2013

Where do you fall? 13 different stages of partying… by age

by Anna Breslaw AGE 14  It’s Friday!! I’m soooo excited to split mozzarella sticks at Arby’s with my BFFs and ...

November 8, 2013

3 reasons for single women to STOP having sex

by Staff Blogger Take a break from relationships and from having sex. One of the major differences between men and ...

November 4, 2013

15 lies we’ve ALL told before, during or after sex

by Kiri Blakeley You’re the best lover I’ve ever had. Might be true. But if not, you’ll say it anyway. 1. ...

July 18, 2013

7 lies you shouldn’t tell your doctor

by Kati Blake   If you’ve ever caught an STD, you need to be honest about it, even if it ...

May 24, 2013

8 things a woman should know about her vagina

By Julia Austin ….Just because hundreds of products have been created to help you “clean up” your vagina, doesn’t mean that’s ...

May 20, 2013

Beware: 5 serious health issues that hit young women + how to overcome them

by Hallie Levin Sklar   A lot of young women are in a state of denial — they don’t think ...

November 27, 2012

Check the symptoms: Your ‘flu’ might be HIV

Everyone is hyper-health conscious with cold and flu season coming up. When they feel a symptom coming on they head ...

October 27, 2012

TICKER: #DivorceDrama: Husband, wife blame each other for sexual and “toilet” diseases

Mrs. Olusola Gbediga has asked the Customary Court Agege, Lagos State, to dissolve her six-year union with Mr. Matthew Gbediga. ...

September 5, 2012

Dr. Boyce: For the ladies – Three ways to avoid sexual tragedy

Imagine being broke, hungry and trying to get into your favorite restaurant.  That’s how a man feels when he’s trying ...

OluwapelumiNovember 2, 2011

Of Mars & Venus: Bad boy seeks good girl

Hadiza Duncan I see this line all the time in personal adverts. And it is definitely not rocket science to ...

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