Listen & learn: 5 good reasons to drop him after the first date

by Anna Bella


The first date can be exciting, fun, flirty and fabulous! It can also be boring, tear-jerking, woeful, and dangerous.

Here are five good reasons not to see him again after the first date:

1. He Flirts – Sounds fun, right?

Not if he’s flirting with the cute waitress or your sister while he’s waiting for you to get ready. On the first date, he should be polite and well-mannered to those around you. But flirting with someone else instead of you is a big no-no. He should be trying to win your attention, not lose it!

2. He Makes Fun of You

A little harmless teasing is always fun. Everyone can take a joke. But being told that you should only have the salad for entrée and no dessert because you are obviously on a diet, would not go down well with anyone. On the first date, assuming you are on a diet or assuming you wouldn’t know what you want to order may mean that he’s not that interested in learning about you. He should be asking you questions instead of making insensitive remarks that don’t score him points at all.

3. He is on His Cell Phone All Night

If he spends all night texting, checking out his Facebook page, or liking his friends’ pics on Instagram, he’s a dud. On the first date he should have enough manners to keep his cell phone out of sight and on silent. If he needs to have it on for work or an important call, he should ask you if it’s okay.

4. He Only Talks About Himself

Ladies, he should be interested in you! If he sits there and talks about himself and doesn’t ask any questions about you, he is probably self centered and not interested in getting to know anyone except himself. Find someone who is interested in you and all you have to offer.

5. He Stands You Up

Well, this one is a no brainer! If he stands you up without good reason, he’s not worth it and you probably had a lucky escape. He would need a pretty good reason to get back in your good books, though. Saying he has to work late or his dog is sick, is not a good reason.

Of course, I still believe there are always exceptions to the rule. And if you do decide to give Romeo a second chance after he has behaved badly, good luck! Let’s hope his bad behavior was linked to plain nerves. If it wasn’t, and he still behaves the same way second time round, cut him loose. If his behavior is going to bother you this early on, imagine how much it will bother you six months down the track.


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