The no-stress way to buy a property in Lekki

Olawale has been on a constant search for properties in Lekki. Finding the perfect property in Lekki has taken a toll on his life as a whole. You don’t want to imagine how distracted Olawale is at work. He would get to work and skim through the day anxious, fidgety and worried.

It’s been barely a week since he got into a heated argument with a real estate agent who claimed to find him the perfect property of his choice in Lekki. He remembers this with so much disappointment and immediately sinks into hopelessness. Was he ever going to find a good property for sale in Lekki?

He had sent the real estate agent his specification. He wanted a 2-bedroom apartment he could buy. He didn’t forget to mention that we wanted it to be in one of the cleanest areas in Lekki.

He also wanted the 2-bedroom apartment in Lekki to be tastefully built. If it was not a newly built apartment, something fairly new and clean. He had seen the pictures of his colleague’s newly built 3-bedroom flat in Lekki and it was overboard superb.

Olawale’s real estate agent had nodded his head in rhythmic vertical moves as he took down these specifications. Of course, anyone else would be confident about this agent’s expertise. He was a smooth talker.

This and so many more convictions he grabbed from this agent’s vibes made Olawale be at ease. He anticipated the inspection so much that he had forgot to grab his car keys. Rushing back up to the toppermost part of the building wasn’t a problem, he was going to get his 2-bedroom apartment; that was all that mattered to him.

Imagine the shock on his face when they touched base. He was visibly angered and disappointed. What a waste! Oh well, his agent was rambling and giving him some watery lecture on how he could try to manage the restroom size. He also said that the garbage in the verandah was temporary and that it would be packed as soon as he bought the property.

That garbage didn’t even look temporary to him. It looked like it was built in with the apartment. For crying out loud, no one had to put him through this house search ordeal. He had been through a lot and that was unfair. Why was it difficult to buy a property?

If he had to write down the number of times his cousin was going to dupe him on this house search issue or when he met people who claimed to own the property in Lekki, he would be writing a real estate book, volume 1.

If Olawale knew that all he had to do was log on to and he would have all of his problems disappear like a magic wand over Cinderella’s dress, he wouldn’t have to go through all of the stress he has been through.

Finding a property in Lekki is as simple as browsing through a number of verified listings by verified real estate agents on the platform. This also goes for lands for sale in Lekki. When he logs on to the online property listings website, he has to go to the “sale” button at the top of the website. In the “where do you want to live?” search bar, he has to type in the area you would like to live in Lekki.

To further modify his search, he has to choose from the types of apartment (bungalow, duplex, flat/apartment, house, self-contain or commercial property). In this case, he would like a 2-bedroom flat in Lekki. He can then choose the “flat/apartment” option. In the bedroom options, he has to pick “2 bedroom” and then go on ahead to specify the budget.

Olawale can thereafter have access to property listings on the search/result page. When he clicks to view on the 2 bedroom flat of his choice in Lekki, he can “view phone number” of the agent. On filling his necessary details, email and phone number, he can call the agent for an inspection.

Olawale in hours, can have his 2-bedroom flat in Lekki. If you know of any Olawale on a house search, this article is all he needs to find the perfect property.

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