Nigerian men have nothing else to offer | Hasty generalisations may be dangerous but what are the triggers?

Nigerian men

When we see sluggish driving, we often assume it’s a woman driving or an elderly person. Extroverts are loud people. Introverts are silent but dangerous. Women are more caring than men. Men are more hard-working than women. The list goes on and on – but the question remains – are generalisations good or bad? Do people realise the dangers that often comes with generalising things and people especially as it concerns gender and gender roles?

In a thread on Twitter, Nigerian men are termed patriarchal and misogynistic. Twitter user, Chuka, shared a story of his Dutch friend who visited Nigeria and the trails that surrounded her visit with the men who wanted a piece of her using all the tactics they know.

The Thread: 

In summary, Nigerian men hate it when a woman is empowered and isn’t impressed by their wealth…’ From his story, Chuka addressed marriage, the option of having kids and egalitarian system that doesn’t seem to exist in Nigeria. Chuka may be right in the context of which he made this story, however, will it be correct to define all men from one space?

Nigeria may have thrived as an elitist society for long, but there are many people who share the idea of equality for both genders. Going back to Chuka’s thread, there is nothing wrong if a man is chasing after a woman if his aim is to settle down and have kids. It only becomes a problem where obsessive measures are taken to pressure a woman to marriage or having kids against her will.

See reactions here:

Chuka may have taken a heavy swipe at the misogynistic and patriarchal men, however, his generalisation attacks the reality that every man wants different things.

We should not also forget that these generalisations have longed been influenced by certain standards that the society has been built upon. Nigeria has thrived as a patriarchal society for the longest and it is no wonder that certain generalisations like this become the topic of debate every now and then.

Till we strip society of the idea that men are above women in every aspect of life, these generalisations will continue to be a thing.

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