The Thread: Who is the biggest beneficiary of the US election?

As you know, if you have not been living in the hinterlands, the President-elect of the United states of America is no other than the billioniare and mogul Donald J. Trump, who ran under the Republican party. Well, since that unexpected incident, the commentaries abound – unceasingly- about why Trump won, how he won, Putin’s hand in the outcome of the election, why Hillary lost, Hillary’s win by popular vote, what America will be in Trump’s hands and so on and so forth. Here’s Kala Calavera, self described “marginally talented writer, unintentional comedienne, and future corpse” giving us a different angle on the elections.

Is Donald Trump the greatest beneficiary of the elections or is it his opponent, Hillary? Do see below:



Way to skip that land mine, huh.

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