Today’s Noisemakers: Meryl Streep, Donald Trump, Jim Obazee and others

Every day on the Nigerian internet, there are people who keep our eyes glued to our phone screens as we read their rants, opinions, perspectives on political and social matters, etc. They range from the awesome and brilliant to the OMG, he didn’t. We have made it our job to take down the names of these noisemakers.

Here’s our list from today:
1. Meryl Streep

Gave a powerful, emotive winning speech at the Golden Globes awards, where she took down The Donald a peg or two and called on her colleagues to join her in protecting journalism.

2.Donald Trump

Never one to let a slight pass unanswered, President-elect of America, Donald J. Trump, let Meryl Streep know in 140 characters, and then some, exactly what he thought of her speech.

3. Reno Omokri

Following the resignation of Pastor Adeboye as the General Overseer of RCCG, Nigeria, Reno Omokri has a few words for the catalyst, Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria

4. Jim Obazee

I guess Reno’s questions to the government and FRC yielded some answers as President Buhari immediately sacked Jim Obazee and put someone else in his place. President Buhari has also suspended the law responsible for Pastor Adeboye’s premature exit.I guess that’s what happens when one disobeys the injunction to “touch not mine anointed”.

5. @StandToEndRape

If you are still unclear about the meaning of consent, this thread by the folks @StandToEndRape initiative breaks it down sufficiently.

6. @Julietkego

@Julietkego is fed up with public servants who flaunt the work they were elected to do as if to elicit praise.

7. Pope Francis

That’s all, really.

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