Today’s Noisemakers: Skales, Kenny K’ore, Adegoke Pamilerin, others

Every day on the Nigerian internet, there are people who keep our eyes glued to our phone screens as we read their rants, opinions, perspectives on political and social matters, etc. Sometimes, they are just downright ridiculous. We make it our job to take down the names of these noisemakers.

Here’s our list from today:

1. Shehu Sani

Saddening, saddening. Heart-breaking that we have to go through all these and now we ask that question: “Where will be next”?

2. Elnathan John

Let me add: Bubu, don’t mind them oo!! Don’t mind them.

We just want you to remember that you are the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. #InCaseYouForgot.

3. Skales

Everyone is tired of Buhari. From members of his party to social commentators to music stars to other citizens.

He can just step down. Is it that hard?

It seems he doesn’t know that Nigeria has become a death trap. You have to watch where you go these days. In the South, SARS is a big problem, in the North, herdsmen and terrorists continue to kill innocent citizens.

We can’t continue like this na…

[Read: Buhari’s approach to the herdsmen killings isn’t working, its time he works or we vote him out]

4. Kenny K’ore

We cannot even say people intentionally use the negative stories to overshadow the positive one because almost everything is upside down.

Nigeria ranked the most prayerful country on earth and most sinful. Nigeria has more Catholic Knights than Italy. Nigeria has more Anglican Knights than England. Nigeria has more Alhajis than all Arab countries combined. This is not entirely bad. Ironically, this our religiosity does not reflect in the religious and moral fabric of the nation! Each year, we budget billions of Naira sending our people on pilgrimages to Mecca and Jerusalem to pray. We pray for development. We pray for long life and good health. We pray against sudden death. We pray against accident of any kind. We pray for employment. We pray for peace. Above all, we pray to make heaven! In the year of the Lord Two thousand and eighteen (2018), we will spend 250 Billion Naira to sponsor pilgrims to pray for the development of Nigeria among others. 250 billion Naira can build 250 model schools. 250 Billion can build 100 modern Health centres. 250 billion can immunize all children in Nigeria. 250 Billion can build 250 brand new roads. 250 Billion can build 1000 new housing estates. 250 billion can create 100,000 new jobs. We choose not to do any of these. Rather, We choose to spend that amount to go pray for development! We choose not to spend that amount to take care of our health, Rather, we choose to spend it to go and pray for our health! We choose not to spend that amount to build schools and train our children to be wise, we choose to use it to go and pray for wisdom! We choose not to spend that amount to build good roads to avoid and reduce car accidents, we choose to spend it to pray against accidents. These are our choices. We will live with them. Close your eyes and imagine! How much resources have we spent over these years to pray instead of using them to develop our country?? There is nothing wrong going on pilgrimage to pray and seek the face of God. But, it should be entirely a private affair!!! Does it mean God will not answer prayers made in Nigeria? But scriptures can not be broken. 2 chronicles 7:13-15. Spread the word as copied. ??

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We are getting almost everything wrong!

5. Chef

How do you people come up with these things?!

We really do not have to turn everything into a joke.

6. Pius Adesanmi

Lol! Nigerians sef. He said: “He should be granted access to his babalawo…”

7. Adegoke Pamilerin

Abi oo, shebi what a man can do, abi what a woman can do… I don’t know again joor.

Just shoot your shot. Remember Africa China‘s “If you love somebody“.

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