Twitter Personality: Andrew ‘Drewbaba’ Ekphiwre

By Ifreke Inyang [@ifreke]

Most people know Andrew to be Wale Gafar’s partner-in-crime. But far beyond being an accomplice and an ardent defender of Wale, Andrew is a man of his own. That is exemplified in his ability to get into twitter wars and take on twitterverse all by himself. The witty and unpredictable Mass Communication student is one of those tweeps that trend and create trending topics.

In this short interview, Andrew, more popular as DrewBaba tells us more about his twitter experience so far.

How did you get on twitter?

I was bored on the 2nd of April, 2009 with a laptop. I was watching CNN and I heard them talking about the Twitter invasion in the states and I was like, okay let me join too. Back then I was addicted to Facebook sha. So I didn’t use it until September 2010. That’s when I started getting active on twitter.

Who would you say is your favourite tweep?

Wow! This is what they would Call a #JambQuestion. I follow over 1,000 people, so to choose one would be really tough. But then again, the people I would call my favourites sometimes tweet trash like me, so there’s none for now.

Is there any particular tweet you’ll never forget? Tell us about it.

Yes, there is. I tweeted it and it went like: ” Moxxxxxxx, Spotted @ unilag Cab queue, I thought Dis Bxxxxh won A Mama? Nuff said”..

Have you had any embarrassing/memorable experience on twitter? If yes, what happened?

Yes, there have been a lot of those Moments jor. If I want to start listing I won’t finish. But it was that incident I had with a celeb (name unavailable) that was the most memorable. I have not had any embarrassing experience. I always tend to cover up any embarrassment with a cover up like ’joke tweet’.

What are the downsides of being on twitter?

When people don’t follow back or they ask you for a follow back, and when you do and they go behind you to unfollow you. There’s also a lot of crap and lies. Some tweeps can lie for Olympics!

What are the upsides?

Free jokes, free information. Well, it’s not free sha. Shebi we all pay for BIS noni??

Many tweeps say you have a controversial persona on twitter. Is this true?

*Adjusts Halo” Well, it depends on the angle you look at it from. Most people say ‘ayam not my tweets’ but me, I am. I can be controversial today and be a saint tomorrow. It just depends sha. Well on the scale of one to ten I would say 7.

Describe your twitter persona in three words.

Drew, Andrew, Drewbaba

Do you follow back readily? Why?

Yes I do. Well many people would say I am copying  Oga DonJazzy. But when anytime I remember when I had 10 followers and someone still followed me, I just follow back no matter any amount I see there.

What would possibly make you close your twitter account?

A Night with Kim Kardashian and 1million Dollars. Or if God tells me I have to close it to make heaven noni.

Twitter Stats (As at 3am, 26th May)

Handle: @DrewBaba

Followers: 2,556

Following: 1.134

Tweets: 60,816

Favourite tweets: 250

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  1. Dis is My Bro.. I love u son. Nice One..

  2. Nice interview.. Drewbaba Too much

  3. Nice one bruv,cool interview.It's in you!

  4. Yaay! My persona person…jeun so ke joor

  5. and oh i am not trying to form famz! because i have actually met this kid…..#justsaying

  6. nicely done! but drew, some popular tho 🙂
    am glad to have rubbed shoulders with you through my life time….

  7. cool! yeah he follows bck, he's cool, funny, witty or bluntly truthful. [email protected] a night with Kim? Kris will kill u!!! ifreke well done

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