Twitter Personality Campaign: @Prodeegy says to his competitors: “No animal fit run pass cheetah!”


by Ifreke Inyang [@Ifreke]

The Campaigns for July Twitter Personality is on. @sm1hot kicked off the series and @BabaOloriokoBB has also taken his turn to canvass for votes. It is @Prodeegy’s turn this week:

What’s the name of your Twi-party?
*scratches head* Vodka Team!

What’s the motto of your twi-party and its symbol?
We never get motto, a leg we dey use for now..

How are you funding your campaign?
’emi noni’

Why are you running for Twitter Personality?
You say? Ogbeni!! Na gubernatorial post ni or presidency? It’s just for fun though.

Who do you consider as your biggest threat in the race?
No animal fit run pass cheetah!

If you win, what will you do about people that gbagaun?
Gbagaun is allowed. In short, if you gbagaun and it trends, I go dash you money on top.

What will be the jail term for those involved in twitfights?
See, me I like it real. I will organize face to face fight for twitfighters. If you lose, you’d have to delete your account.

Who will be your Ministers?
@bossykeff will be in charge of drinks, @ugly4real will be monitoring any ugly person following me, @RIPfaceboook will be the aviation minister, @tayo_alayo will be the prison warden – she enters jail more than DMX, @FreshFishTohBad will be in charge of fish pepper soup.

What specific thing will you do to appreciate all those who would have voted you into power?
Send everybody airtime *YI to the f**ng MU*

What’s your manifesto?
Manifesto. That is it.

What do you think about the YNaija Twitter Personality series?
It’s kinda cool. It allows you to express yourself publicly and it also makes people know more about you.

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