#UltimateLoveNG: David and Jay declare war on ObiEbi

Almost every other day in the Love Pad for most of the housemates is wonderful. It’s fun, dancing, character building, relationship strengthening, gossips and fight, revealing secrets, kisses, makeup, and loving up which is the usual, except for the dreaded Sundays when evictions hold.

The nature of stress nominated couples face knowing that their journey in the Ultimate Love Pad could come to an end is unimaginable and it’s worse that the pressure could possibly carry on to the next week since nominations for the upcoming week holds almost immediately and survival is not requisite for immunity.

Sunday evenings are the darkest days in the house as one couple is denied the opportunity to win the ultimate prize via eviction. It truly is an exhaustive day; one I’m sure, the Love Guests wish they can skip.  Couples like PreshDavid, have only been put up for possible eviction once and would like to keep it that way.

Interestingly, after escaping nominations this week, David got right back to scheming and thinking of new ways he can survive next week’s nomination, and at the same time thinking of ways to get rid of the competition. On Monday, David and Jay got into a strategy session, where they decided that ObiEbi, is the new enemy.

Following the announcement on nominations last Sunday, PreshDavid realized that ObiEbi were the only couple that nominated them and being the ‘matured’ guys they are, David and Presh decided to take it up. While conversing with Jay, David revealed to Jay that his plan initially, much like the previous week was to nominate Roksie and Bolar who he still holds a grudge against, but seeing that ObiEbi did so instead of the duo, he decided to play ‘Tumbu Tumbu’ with Roksie and Bolar. He dropped one and nominate the other alongside ObiEbi.

Quite frankly, it’s this sort of thinking that defeats the purpose of the game. While housemates ought to be busy strengthening their ship, some are engrossed in how to survive evictions. Luckily, we look up to Roksie to soothe our eyes with ‘awwwww’ and beautiful moments.

So what do you think?

Perhaps, PreshDavid’s next nomination will be the end of the show for the couple or maybe they can scheme their way to the end. Maybe their fans (if they have any) are silently waiting, ready to spring into action and vote for them if need be.

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