Vera Ezimora: 9 Lessons from Kevin Hart’s cheating

by Vera Ezimora

Kevin Hart has been in the news since Saturday, but for all the wrong reasons. A while ago, it came out that Kevin Hart was cheating on his wife and he went above and beyond to discredit the allegations. He made it sound like you’d have an easier time eating beef in India than he would have cheating on his wife.

The way he vehemently denied this allegation, even the person he cheated with would have probably started wondering if the whole thing was only in her head. He said it was people trying to break him and trying to break his marriage. And we believed him. Because, hey, Kevin Hart. Check out this video below.

But on Saturday, he was singing a new song. He said it was an error in his judgment, and that he had decided to confess because someone was trying to use his indiscretion against him and extort him for it. Instead of paying up, he decided to ‘fess up, which I think was the right thing to do, but it would have been better if he had confessed because he was sorry, instead of because he has aka gum (hands of glue). See video below.

So, why is this such a big deal? Well, it’s not really the cheating that matters. After all, he cheated on his first wife with his second wife, and he’s not the first or last man to cheat. But what makes this interesting is (1) Kevin Hart’s brand and (2) How committed he was to discrediting the allegations.

[In case you missed it]: “Kevin Hart wasn’t owning up to his “mistakes” until the mistake was seeking financial gain.” | Twitter thoroughly roasts Kevin Hart a second time for cheating on his wife

What exactly is the Kevin Hart brand? What do you think of when you hear Kevin Hart? First, you think of humor, of course. But beyond that, you think of a family man, a man who won in spite of the stumbling blocks; a man who overcame so much, and a man who made mistakes in his first marriage, but who learned from it and has finally married his “rib.” And if you’ve watched any of his previous interviews, you see that he says and implies that he’s a disciplined and focused man, a man who’s too busy working hard to do anything he’s not supposed to do. Now I just think he’s full of shit. End of discussion.

All that being said, there is so much to be learned from Kevin Hart – especially if you’re a side chick (or an aspiring side chic) because Kevin Hart met and started dating his current wife when he was still married to his ex-wife. Now, I’m sure that each of us has heard of or even know at least one side chick. Heck, you might be the side chic. I won’t lie and say that I’m not here to judge – because I am – but what matters more are the nuggets that Kevin Hart is sharing.

1.  A cheating man is a cheating man, no matter which woman he’s with.

2.  What goes around really does come around. If he starts by cheating with you, he’ll eventually come around to cheating on you.

3.  No baby, pregnancy, marriage, or vagina can make a wandering man stay.

4.  Even if his penis were detachable and you made him leave it on the center table before going out each day, he will still find a way to get it to be where it’s not supposed to be – if that is what he wants.

5.  Cheating is a character flaw. No man gets born with a cheating gene, nor does it come preinstalled in the man’s brain and/or penis.

6,  A man may call you rib all over social media, but it doesn’t mean he isn’t having salmon somewhere.

7.  Most men won’t leave their wives for their side chics, and when they do… please read number 8.

8.  The position of “side chick” would have to be filled again.

9.  The cane that was used to flog the first wife is always reserved for the second wife.

I don’t feel sorry for Kevin Hart, nor do I feel sorry for his rib, but I am virtually high-fiving his ex-wife because I imagine that she’s been vindicated. It’s not like she needs us to believe that Kevin Hart cheated on her with his current wife, but that she at least knows for sure that she did not make him cheat.

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