WATCH: “Lock Oritsejafor, Adeboye, Kumuyi… up in prison” – Tunde Bakare

by Isi Esene

Pastor Tunde Bakare, the Convener of the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) and the pastor in charge of the Latter Rain Assembly recently spoke about the complicity of Nigeria religious leaders in the corruption and gross mismanagement of the country’s resources saying he has for long advocated that all church General Overseers should be locked up in prison so that things can take a turn for the better.

The fiery preacher who was speaking at the second Save Nigeria Group public lecture in Lagos said, “This is the root of our problem, all General Overseers must go to prison. I have said so many years ago during the convention of Mike Okonkwo – I said, ‘lock Adeboye up, lock Kumuyi up, lock Oritsejafor up, lock me up also,’ by the time we finish, Nigeria will change.”

Really? Watch the clip below:

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  2. I think he is right, the problem of the country is leadership both in the church and outside the church, government leaders are products of the church.

  3. Pastor bakare is trying to make a point, but with respect I think he is going about the wrong way…….GOD SAVE NIGERIA,…………

  4. I think this man have a reason for justifying himself and other oversee, it may be geniun or rubbish.

  5. He didn't critisized, he spoke d truth! Wat Ȋ̝̊̅§ a pastor doin wit a jet wen half of his congretion can't afford a decent meal, education and shelter? Are they not same ppl dat say we shld pile up treasures in heaven and not bother about material things? Wats dis craze for material things? See wat ppl went through and are still goin thru bcuz of d damage flood caused, how many men of God or politicians remembered dem? It was only Dangote dat was human enuf to raise funds for dem! Its a pathetic situation we are goin thru in dis country. Now I understand why the bible says "it Ȋ̝̊̅§ easier for a carmel 2 pass thru d eye of a needle than 4 a rich man 2 enter in2 the kingdom of God"!

  6. Dis man is sometin else! Y is he criticizing men of God? If he wants the wrath of God, then he should continue.


  8. have always known this man (pt tunde bakare) to be a lousy man, is he a man of God or an activist, i think he is just jealous…….i think pastors should know better that judging someone is not good(its in the bible)…..pastor tunde bakare pls get a life and stop this act of jealousy.

    1. No matter what, anyone who calls himself a man of God should be respected. I know Pastor Tunde Bakare respects the men of God he mentioned, I want to also believe he has reasons for what he said and has no intention of degrading them.

  9. Religion have a very big influence on politics around the world and so as the religion leaders – we should always have that in mind.

    Nigeria go better! i have been hearing that since i was about 10 years old and now almost 40, still the same music from generation to generation. our problem is selfishness and that does not exclude anyone, everyone for himself, it is very hard to know who really is an anointed, first service Jesus required of us is to serve our people and not to dominate them. the God of the overseers is not sleeping, God will fight for them, it is not the battle for us on this page to fight for anyone, it is not our fight, our fight is to make Nigeria a good country to live through innovations and entrepreneurship of the youth not to fall into same corrupted pit our leaders are leading us and the ability to stand on our feet and say NO. let God judge everyone and Pastor Bakare included. "REMEMBER THAT OUR WORST ENEMIES ARE NOT THOSE THAT PERSECUTES US BUT OUR FRIENDS THAT WATCHES IN SILENCE WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING". ponder on that.

  10. It is unfortunate that Pastor Tunde Bakare chose the path that ridicules God's church. Can El-rufai talk about mosque and alfas like that? He should read His bible very well. What has the men pf God got to do with Nigerian crisis. Even when you teach people the truth, can u force them to live the truth?

    All I see is ICHABOD

  11. Pastor Tunde Bakare should watch his utterances, as an annointed man of God, (so i believe) there are things you shouldnt say in public to a layman. with his choice of words this country could be brought down in a minute, the nation is already in chaose, but we are praying for Gods mercy to prevail. If you have any grievance with ur fellow pastors why not sort it out with them quietly and amicably, than inciting the masses to do what?!! To embark on a REVOLUTIONARY journey?? May God save us.. Christ's' coming is really at hand, Kingdom rising against kingdom…this is one of the signs. What else do we expect? Prayer is the only Key to this mountain facing us right now to be dismantled. I still belief in Naija. E go beta one day.

  12. Wat d church 'body of christ' has bcum. God hlp d christian fold.

  13. Pastor Tunde Bakare ur ways are not d ways of d said G O's stop embarrassing reputable men of God

  14. Maybe when these guys are locked up, we can reason and believe in our ability and start to move Nigeria forward. we always think all our problems will get solved by simply going to church and donating, we have been too idle to use our intelligence to develop our country, instead we depend on miracle, God will bring electricity, God will tar the roads, God will plant the crops, God will create companies that will employ, God will lock up farouk and Otedola, God will chain down Boko Haram, we always wants God to bring success without our own input,when God had already given us the power and the grace to do it. that is not the way God works, we have to help ourselves if we want God to help us, Europeans, American and Asians helped themselves, how come we are still where we are today? yet we go to all these churches to pray for prosperity all the time, and nothing changes, these people should be able to tell us the truth about us, but NO, we remained educated ignorant, we can afford private jets but we can't afford a good specialist hospital that can cater for us here, so Germany here we come, we can afford cars, but not a singles university has been funded in research that can encourage development in Science, Engineering and even psychology, we have to flown our dear ladies abroad for a simple speech therapy. yet our church leaders kept asking us to pray for prosperity, don't they know the truth about us? they should be imprisoned for deception and misguiding of the masses – which i can confirm is impossible, Pastor Bakare wished it, but he was just a dreamer, i wish he was not.

  15. Pastors are getting private jets followers are getting poorer. Rubbish!!!

    1. There was a time Pastors were paupers you all call them names, you say a witchdoctor performs money ritual for people and lives in poverty now they are preaching posperity by example you are angry again…what will you not complain about.

    2. What the man said is correct. Nigerians should wise up and pray for understanding of the Bible. There re too many fake Pastor/psychologists in churches, duping people. If we are 1/10 of hw religious we claim in this country, we will be far better. We keep sinking lower and lower but we have in every neighbourhood churches. These pastors will not tell there followers to repent and live righteous life but keep psycing them to bring money so that God will bless them. I pitty Nigerians! These pastors are worse than the government.

  16. Bakare has lost credibility, he now wants to pull others down with him, he is just a politician using the name of God (religion) to dupe people

  17. The man Ȋ§ seeing other things ordinary eyes cannot see so don't blame him



  19. Pastor Tunde Bakre is just a confused person

  20. With all due respect sir, I'm not sure that is a good idea….

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