What to tweet…when you don’t know what to tweet

by Oluwatobi Soyombo

If you are a regular Twitter user, you might have, at one point or the other, come to a point when you feel like tweeting but just don’t know what to tweet about. In the writer’s world, this is called writer’s block. Perhaps, I should label this a tweeter’s block. Here are 5 quick ideas to  help you get out of the rut.

  • Peruse your timeline: sometimes, it is a great idea to lurk on twitter. Just launch your twitter client and begin to peruse your timeline. Most times when I do this, I find myself learning a great deal from my friends. You’ll see numerous information flowing in. From there, you can then decide whether to jump into the conversation or lurk still.
  • Retweet other people’s tweets: As you peruse your Timeline, there are certain tweets you’ll find interesting, especially if you’ve got a great following. Instead of just favouriting the tweet, retweeting such is just great. Some of your followers may also find the same tweet interesting. If they do (they’ll mostly do), guess what? You’ve just added value to your persona. This is the easiest thing to do on twitter. You can either retweet directly or simply add your own opinion (short) using the quote feature.
  • Share interesting Content: Is there any post you’ve read that you found interesting. Share! In fact, doing this alone – everyday, will keep your timeline clean and more valuable to your followers.
  • Amplify your thoughts: Twitter is fast becoming a thought amplifier already. These days, you find people tweeting what their currently thinking about or what they thought about last night before going to bed. From there, you see their followers responding to such tweets. In fact, tweeting your thoughts most times gives people the confidence that a real human is behind the handle and not just auto-publishing apps. Apps don’t think, only humans do :).
  • Shout outs: There are some followers whose tweets you almost can’t do without every day. When you doon’t know what to tweet, why not say hello to them in less than 140 characters or simply thank them for being valuable to you all the while. Let them know in specific what you like about them or their tweets. Sometimes, they’ll retweet your tweets to their followers and you’ll see their followers also retweeting the same. A conversation might just begin from there. Trust me, they’ll love it, after all, who doesn’t like to be praised?

I hope you’ll never come to that point again when you don’t know what to tweet; and if you do, simply navigate back to this article to get ideas. Is there any other thing you do when you don’t know what to tweet? I’ll like to know in the comment box.


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