Where is Kemi Olunloyo?

by Soma Oj.

“#BREAKING 7.56am #Ibadan. The NPF just stormed my house arresting me taking me to CID for questioning. They say its NOT a criminal matter.” [sic]

That’s how Kemi Olunloyo broke the News of her own arrest to the world on the morning of Monday, the 13th of March, 2017.

Classic Kemi Olunloyo. So typical of the media personality that almost no one took her seriously when she posted it.

Kemi has been a media guru for a long time. Calling out celebrities and politicians for crimes she could substantiate and those she could not in equal (or maybe not so equal) measure. Needless to say she earned herself a reputation as quite the troublemaker in and outside Nigeria.

There was an episode in 2015 where she called out her own father – Victor Olunloyo, who had served in Nigeria’s second Republic as a Governor of Oyo State – as a ritualist and a serial emotional abuser.

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She has also gone after colleagues like Linda Ikeji, who she accused of spreading fake news as well as hacking her e-mail account. As can be expected, those allegations sparked an outrage against Kemi Olunloyo from Linda Ikeji’s fans.

But she is just as well-liked as she is disliked and her arrest on the 13th of March, as would have any other celebrity’s, raised a lot of questions online.

It turned out she was arrested based on the complaints of one Pastor Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministries in Port Harcourt. He made claims under the Cybercrime Act and the Criminal Code Act as regards a letter that was published on her blog. The letter was allegedly sent from a member of Pastor Ibiyomie’s church which accused him of corruption and being romantically involved with actress, Iyabo Ojo.

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She was consequently taken to Port-Harcourt where she was arraigned before a magistrate for publication of defamatory matters alongside another blogger who syndicated her story. While the charges of Cyber crime were dropped, she’s still standing trial for defamation and false publishing based on the same facts.

She was later granted bail on the 11th of April and we all expected that Kemi Olunloyo was going to be back to business and with even more vengeance once she got back home.

But Kemi Olunloyo’s Twitter has been as quite as a cemetery. Asides the automated posts announcing her stats on the micro-blogging site, it’s been mum since the 13th of March.

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So – despite our wish at the beginning of the year that she keeps it on the low for 2017 – we are now asking, where is Kemi Olunloyo?

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  1. Kemi Olunloyo is a troll who is bipolar. She is not a media guru or a journalist or a pharmacist.

    She lives with her mother in Ibadan. She has no money to her name. She is not an American citizen.

    When she lived in Canada before she was deported, she lived in a cheap apartment and was supported by government. She had no job. She spent 5 years on the net in Canada trying to get attention and she harassed anybody who challenged her.

    I am glad she is locked up. I would only agree that she be released if she is forbidden from being on social media.

    This is not a freedom of speech issue. This is a woman that knowingly harasses innocent people and defames anybody that fights her back.

    The reason Kemi Olunloyo harasses Linda I. is because Kemi is jealous that Linda has money and more attention paid to her. Linda also posted something unflattering about Kemi.

    I also was a victim of this woman. Kemi claimed I murdered somebody. She also spread around that I was a pedophile. She did this hoping that somebody who is unhinged would hurt me or worse. This was in Canada. My local police would do nothing about it.

    I hope she is having a really bad time in prison. She deserves it.

    If she dies in prison, I am going to rub it in the face of her idiot followers, especially the handful in Canada.

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