Who is the WORST Person of the Year 2012? See Hauwa Gambo’s Top 10 List!

by Hauwa Gambo

So of course, I just had to do this. Certain people this year have just been the worst – the absolute worst. After thinking long and hard about this, here I take my  pick of some of the the worst 10…

1. Farouk Lawan: It is almost impossible, just impossible, to over-state just how deeply disappointed Lawan has made many Nigerians this year. A man called Mr. Integrity, he exposed himself this year as a lowly desperate character, who would take the trust of the nation and sell it for a couple million dollars. He derailed the fuel subsidy probe and made nonsense of all our combined efforts to straighten our oil affairs. We don’t know how this man sleeps at night.

2. Bashar al-Assad: We have just one prayer – that the President of Syria meets a fate worse than that he has dealt his countrymen. Truth is, we are yet to come to terms with the sheer amount of his own citizens that this beast of a man has shelled, maimed, and killed just to maintain his grip on political power that he had hitherto not used to better the lives of Syrians. It makes us sick to stomach to even live in the same world as such a beastly man.

3. Abubakar Shekau: This man and other leaders of Boko Haram, with all their cohorts and comrades who have taken the lives of so many men, women and children in Nigeria’s North this year truly deserve to burn in the hottest part of hell. No cause, no mission, no idea is so just that it must sacrifice the lives of so many innocent souls. Throwing bombs at will, entering churches and firing at people, destroying their own land and neighbors – how much evil must Nigeria suffer at their hands?

4. Chris Brown: As far as narcissism and self-indulgence go, it doesn’t get much worse than the boy called Chris Brown. He is certainly one of the worst examples of money and fame. If he isn’t being silly and fighting in clubs for no sensible reason, he is uttering homophobic and racist slurs, or – worse – he is proving how truly unrepentant he is of being a woman-beater. Added to all of that, in the full glare of the world, he is playing two women, and getting away with it! Sure, Rihana and Karruche are, to put it lightly, dumb, but pray tell, how Brown get away it’s so much nastiness?!

5. Prezzo: Dear Lord, if you can grant us one prayer in 2012, it should be that Prezzo descends into the pit of oblivion for which he is clearly destined. How fame hungry could one person be really?! He spends the entity of Big Brother deceiving the now-diminished Goldie; telling her he loves her in one breathe and sneakily calling her all kinds of miserable names to everyone else. And now? As he seeks to make an in-road into the Nigerian market, he suddenly has nothing but love for her? Come on man, do us a favour – just go away.

[Read ‘Goldie is still under prezzo: “That chick is a weirdo,” he says HERE]

6. Rudy Eugene: This was one of the stories that captivated the world this year. Supposedly as a result of Crystal Meth gone wrong, Eugene in Miami this year descended on a homeless man named Ronald Poppo and began to eat his face. So intent was ‘The Miami Cannibal’ on this devastation, that even after the police arrived and ordered him to stop – he just went on consuming the man’s face until he had to be shot and killed. He is dead now – but the horror he left behind sadly lives on: Poppo is now full blind and his life will just never remain the same. Truly horrible.

[Miami Cannibal victim, Ronald Poppo’s face post-surgey (GRAPHIC PHOTOS) HERE]

7. The security guard who slapped Big Brother winner, Karen Igho:  We have struggled over the past few days to find the name of this, this, this… Person. Luckily for him, we haven’t. But one thing we are certain about – he should be in jail. How does a man lift his hand and slap any woman, just because he can? The matter of violence against women is one that yet persists in our society, and it does of course because when you go on social media and beer parlours you still find those who ignorantly say for a woman to be hit, she must have deserved it. We shudder to imagine what kind of male children people like this, this, this … person will be raising.

8. Olufunke Aladeojobi: Yeah, you don’t know that name, and neither should you. As we hear it from her students, she was really just another mediocre school principal. But she did distinguish herself with infamy when it as uncovered that she had violated  teenage girls in her care at the Ajuwon High School, Ogun by subjecting them to an offensive, and illegal,”virginity test”. She, along with others, randomly “dipped fingers” into the genitalia of young girls and possibly traumatised them for life. She has been arrested, thankfully. Maybe, in jail, one of her roomies should take a cue from her and check if SHE is a virgin. Nonsense.

[READ “The virginity test disvirgined me,” 14-year-old victim speaks out’ HERE]

9. Tony Anenih: In case you didn’t know, well let’s tell you: insiders confirm it was Tony Anenih – former chairman of the People’s Democratic Arty Board of Trustees, former minister of failure who supervised the collapse of the Lagos-Ore road, and a man who has stuck around the corridors of power like a parasite, sucking us all dry and incapable of giving anything of value in return – who gave President ‘I-don’t-give-a-damn’ Joanthan the decisive advise to send the armored tanks into Lagos and crush the #OccupyNigeria protests in Lagos. Even if this weren’t the case, he would still make this list because this man has consistently proven he is an enemy of the country. Unfortunately, it seems he is a cancer we will be stuck with for a very long time.

10. Diezani Alison-Madueke. Seriously, you know there is no reason to explain why this woman’s name is here. Even worse, she appears to be a punishment Nigerians will bear for at least two more years.

[Read ‘YNaija Editorial: The disturbing arrogance of Diezani Alison-Madueke’ HERE]

Oh, the horror.

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  1. Pls can u give me a reason why pastor Tunde Bakare's name isn't here?

  2. Which one una dey curse d writer? I don't understand u people oo? She force una make una read am? The way it looks some of u people insulting her most probably join this list!mtshew!!! And in case u didn't understand the heading….this is her list…feel free to make urs…

  3. Nice observation, I think the clown writing this piece is on top of the list of time wasters and useless clowns that can't understand the difference between left and right….

    Where are the top list of evil people that are destroying millions everyday in his so-called Nigeria?

    The writer is surely a fool with little knowledge about anything. he even mentioned Bashir Al-Assad of Syria as a worse man than the crocks that murdered more people in Nigeria and still going around free!

    He even mention Chris Brown to finish himself! even if the young man has made some few mistakes, he remains millions times better than the foolish Gambo. Yes Chris has every right to speak his mind about Homo-shit, so what is the problem?

  4. This list is purely bullshit, may God waste your 30min of time too as you waste ours

  5. Madam writer u forgot the governor of plateau and our figure head president……. 7 months without salary in plateau state, mr president spends 1billion for food

  6. Madam writer u forgot the governor of plateau and our figure head president……. 7 months without salary can u survive that…..

  7. Hauwa, u r an amazing gal, a great writer and I'm sure, a lovely lovely person. I love reading ur pieces. They are ALWAYS spot on, enlightening and educative. Pls do keep it up. Looking forward to more of your work in 2013. Have a Happy New Year, u clever being

  8. I tink u were too sentimental…..no siign of objectivity bt gud concept

  9. I dont tink prezzo shld be on dt list, rihanna shld be dere instead she doesnt deserve to be calld a woman…i'm sua u know wt i'm talkin abt..d principal(virginity test) shld rank higher & den our very GEJ. shld 've been no 1…wonder wy he's nt dere

  10. What a foolish article from a highly sentimental writer. Totally unprofessional. Go learn d act of writing. How can Chris Brown, Prezzo n d security man be worst than d serial murder of 20 children n d likes. MUMU writer

  11. You have succeded in wasting my time, taught you had important things to mention, to you a slap on Karens face and a Chris Browns Double Dating(as if its a new thing in the music industry) is worse than Aluu and Mubi killings. Sentimental piece of rubbish.

    1. Even mentioned Prezzo what the hell as that got to do with Nigeria or the world. And Okonjo Iweala(Madam Subsidy), Femi Otedola and Adam Lanza escaped your list. You must be a clown.

  12. There are more worst people than the ones listed above.

  13. There are far more worst people than the ones listed above.

  14. In my opinion Mr Slow government its the worst person of the year. His name Mr GEJ

  15. Seriously? And u forgot Adam Lanza????

  16. How about ALUU community??

  17. The president of nigeria Goodluck ebele jorthan is the worst person of the year 2012 becouse he is the one that give room for all what will qualify a person to be worst

cool good eh love2 cute confused notgood numb disgusting fail