Why I wrote OBJ the open letter – Iyabo Obasanjo finally opens up (READ)

by ‘Jola Sotubo


It appears Senator Iyabo Obasanjo has finally set the record straight and admitted she indeed wrote the now public 11-page letter to her father, ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo.

The senator was said to have spoken to Vanguard yesterday and stated that all claims of her denying authorship of the letter were false.

Ever since the letter was released yesterday, rumours have been flying around about purported denials supposedly gotten from Ms. Obasanjo.

Vanguard reports:

“No, no, no, that is not true. How can you live by social media? That is part of the problem with Nigeria, people want to be flying rumours. I have not told anybody o! It is early morning here and I just woke up and if I were you I would just ignore them,” Senator Obasanjo said.

“People are calling me and telling me that they called Baba but if I say I am not talking to someone (her father), how can you say you called the person and the person will tell you what is on my mind?” she asked.

Giving reasons on why she broke off, she said that after a break from relating with Obasanjo, she found out days ago that her father would not change from the manipulative person she had known all along.

“The whole of last year I didn’t speak to him and I just started speaking to him recently, and the last time he was trying to manipulate me to say, this, say that. I can’t be saying no when you say no.

“The last time I spoke to him was three days ago and I decided that I was not going to speak to him again after that. That was the communication through which I realized that this man would never change from manipulations for himself.”

Dismissing her unsolicited canvassers on social media, she said:

“I was surprised that they would say that they called Baba, and I said to myself, are these people mad? How can you call the person that I said I am not talking to, to ask him whether I wrote a letter or not and he is going to speak for me?

“Nobody can say that I told him that I didn’t write it. I am not a liar. I will not back away from what I wrote and there is nothing that is there that is a lie. In the last four years how many of them have spoken to me? They are all mad people,” she said.

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  1. I think Iyabo is the mad person here. You wrote a letter and next day you denied through an interview and now you said you wrote the letter again. Even for her to have written the letter containing strictly family issues and not addressing Nigeri’s problem potrays her to be a bastard. She should keep quiet if she has nothing sensible to say. When she used the father’s influence to win senatorial seat, no letter was sent to the media to thank the man. Send the letter to your father privately and not via the media. Spoilt brat.

  2. Iyabo u must be crazy,bastard and a bitch. Ur Children if at all u have one, will nake u in market place. Are u marry ? NO!!!

  3. Obj erred by all the false alarms and accusations against GEJ, just because he doesn't want the guy to run for a second term.
    GEJ is a man that God fights for. That was why God allowed Obj's very own to disgrace him
    Our elders says agbalagba kii gba langba langba .That letter is unbecoming of a reputable elder who wants solutions. More so leaking it to the press
    The other day it was Obj and his son GBENGA,today its Iyabo vs Obj May God teach our dearest Obj to know that: "obe kii mi nikun agba" . Silence can be golden

  4. 9ja is God's and he shall surely direct her affairs.open letters or closed ones nothing is hidden 4rm God.l lv 9ja.

  5. 9ja is God's and he shall surely direct her affairs.open letters or closed ones nothing is hidden 4rm God.l lv 9ja.

  6. Be careful what you say to Olusegun Obasanjo called OBJ, he is not an ordinary man. He is a man of great Grace. God created him and you cannot judge God. Don't attach him or you fall for his sake. I simply love him. OLUJIMI ADELEGAN

  7. If you say today that baba is a bad father, well many nigerians will not forget so soon how that same bad father helped you to win your senatoria election and in the senate the health fund. We need people to raise national issues not personal anger here. You want political relavance not by cheap talk its by hard work ma'am

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