#YNaijaBBNCoverage: Erica stands up to Lucy for Kiddwaya, housemates salute their heroes

Erica defends Kiddwaya

In the Big Brother Naija house on Wednesday, the housemates were tasked with delivering a music performance from Pepsi ambassador artists. The housemates were paired in twos for this task and, Kiddwaya and Lucy ended up as teammates.

Before the task presentation, Lucy rambled about how Kiddwaya didn’t have the talent to propel their team to victory. She continually berated Kiddwaya’s singing and dancing skills until Erica had enough.

She confronted Lucy and demanded she stops using such discouraging words on her boo. Kiddwaya was present at the time and bore witness to the confrontation.

Lucy’s concerns were valid when you consider the awful performance, but in an interesting turn, she turned out the one unable to propel the team to victory. She struggled with delivering her lines and was visibly uncomfortable with performing on stage. She ended up beating herself up for her sub-par presentation. Erica would later point out to this, during a conversation she had with Kidd and Tolanibaj, saying:

“Instead of her to have concentrated on practising, she wasted all the time complaining about Kidd… shouting, ‘have you seen me dancing? Have you seen me singing before? And after everything she didn’t even sing shit on stage.”

Thursday wager task

For this week’s Thursday’s wager task presentation, Big Brother instructed the housemates to tell a story via visual art. They were required to shed some light on the key figures that have played a pivotal role in creating a future for them using art illustrations.

These art pieces, held meaning into the sort of relationship the housemates had with some of the influential figures in their lives, and the housemates had to tell of the inspiration behind their work.

Shout outs to Moms

Some of the housemates alluded to their moms being the key figures in their lives. Trickytee, Vee, Lucy, Erica, Nengi, and Brighto, all spoke very fondly of their moms.


Brighto began his presentation with a touching rendition of Dolly Parton’s ‘Coat of Many Colours’ to the housemates. After which he proceeded to tell the housemates just how impactful his mom has been in his life. He spoke about how she has always been present in every phase in his life, including being with him through his journey of becoming a BBN contestant.


Lucy gave tribute to her late mom, for her business savviness and other lessons she picked up from her before her death. She also gave credit to her aunt, who she touted as her second mother, for raising and caring for her.


Erica spoke of how strong her mom is, and how she is always looking for ways to make ends meet. She talked about her mom being able to send her to Covenant University, one of the most expensive schools in the country, as a testament to just how far her mom goes for her children.


Nengi who lost her mom at a very young age, and her father at an even younger age, spoke of how her mom was always there for her, giving her strength and serving as her pillar till the very end. She also spoke about how jestful her mom was, one time even joking about auditioning for the BBN show. Nengi then dedicated her acceptance to the show to her mom.


Vee also talked about her mother, talking about the strength and character of her mom, and how much her mom inspires her.


TrickyTee burst into tears the moment he began recalling the efforts of his mom. He spoke about she has been supportive, especially when he was still struggling financially.

Shout out to Dads

Kiddwaya, Ozo, Prince, Neo, and Laycon praised their dads for also being supportive.


Laycon’s art illustration was deeply interesting, as he drew a picture of a hand stretched from the cloud, onto a field. He explained that his art piece symbolised the nature of his father when he was alive. Laycon also narrated how his father loved to help people.


It’s no longer secret that Kiddwaya is the son of the billionaire Terrywaya, so it came as no surprise that he spoke of a privileged life, afforded to him. He said hearing the other housemates’ story, he is beginning to realise that maybe he has not been appropriately grateful to his father for all he does. He also made mention of how he learned leadership skills from his father, and how he has learnt more about his father from other people, than from the man himself.


Prince talked about coming from royalty. He spoke about how his father instilled discipline in him, and how this sometimes complicated their relationship. He, however, gave credit to his father, for making him the man he is today.


Ozo spoke about the wisdom of his dad. He said his father’s quotes guided him into being a person of upright values. He also gave a shout out to his brothers and other family members.


Neo also spoke about his dad, he spoke about his dad’s strength, and how he would take care of his large family effortlessly without any excuses. He said the man was a hero to him, and it is because of him, he is the man he is today.

Shout out to other relatives

Other relatives also got love from the housemates. Tolanibaj spoke of her sisters being there for her when she was going through some depression. Dorothy, spoke about her uncle, who she stated took care of her after her father had passed away. And Wathoni spoke of the love she had for her son, and how he was conceived without sexual intercourse.

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