YNaijaBBNCoverage: Nengi may just be more compatible with Kiddwaya than Ozo

It’s day 37 in the Big Brother Naija house and noodle brand, Indomie, decided, among other things, to put the housemates cooking skills to the test.

So, the housemates spent most of yesterday attending to the task assigned to them. The presentation required of them included showing their culinary skills, buttressed with indigenous culture.

Kiddwaya, Nengi and Ozo

After a long day, the housemates were able to cool off the heat. And somewhere in between, Nengi, who spends most of her time with Ozo, and Kiddwaya, who spends most of his time with Erica, seemed to get a bit too close for comfort.

At one point, while the housemates caught up in the dining area to have some fun, Nengi was seen jumping on Kiddwaya’s lap. Not sure if this meant much, but fans of the show, especially those who are hopefuls for an Erica and Kiddwaya relationship, really seemed irate at the idea.

Also, Ozo seemed to have noticed and decided to sneak it into a conversation he had later on with Nengi. Nengi replied that Ozo shouldn’t take such things seriously, that Kidd is just her friend. She also stated that Kid is the only, keyword here, ‘only’ male housemate who matches her energy. “Kidd is just my playing partner, you can’t take us seriously… at all”

Could she be hinting that she and Ozo are not on the same wavelength, or could it be a statement taken out of context?

Is it really foul play?

Looking at the dynamics, Kidd is flirtatious, and so is Nengi, on the other hand, Ozo is really reserved and conservative, an attribute Nengi had once complained about. Also, Nengi did tell Ozo last week, that she simply wants a platonic relationship with him, while Erica and Kidd, constantly tag themselves friends.

If their words are anything to go by, then all four of them are basically single, meaning that Nengi is neither intruding on a relationship or being disloyal to hers. Then again, people are drawn more to what they see, than what they hear, and as such have decided that Erica and Kidd are an item, and so is Ozo and Nengi, seeing as they spend so much time together.

Fans at this point will translate even the most trivial act as foul play when it comes to both couples.

Erica and Kidd

Not sure if this incident is related to Kidd, and Erica’s conversation, but later that night, Erica asked Kidd if the physical attraction, he has for her has passed. His response was simply ‘nah.’ She also confirmed that she still strongly feels physical attracted to him.

Cooking with Indomie

Yesterday, Big Brother, in partnership with Indomie, had a series of tasks, lined up for the housemates. It began in the morning, where a large ball pool was placed in the middle of the arena. The housemates were given a card, and on the card was a list of cooking ingredients.

Big Brother instructed that the housemates tick five ingredients of preference, and then hop into the ball pool, where they are to fetch for the ingredients they had ticked on their card.

Cooking task

After they had gotten their ingredients, Big Brother paired the housemates in twos, and asked that each housemates exchange their ingredient with their pair. After which they are to use this ingredient to prepare a meal for their partner. The housemates were given a time limit to do this.

After the cooking, the housemates were then instructed to present their food and a bit of story telling to give the audience and fellow housemates some insight on their individual indigenous cultures.

Using beautifully laced costumes, tales of cultural practices, anecdotal narration of behavioral mannerism, and of course the food they had cooked, housemates did a wonderful job in the task presentation.


After the presentation, Big Brother asked the housemates to score their partners. The twist here, however, was that the housemates were unknowingly scoring themselves. Big Brother would later reveal this to the housemates, stating that the housemates had scored themselves rather than scoring their partner.

Regardless, the house received an impressive N4miilion, as prize for their presentation. The prize money was split according to points scored by housemates.

Kiddwaya had scored his partner Wathoni, 7 points, and Wathoni had scored Kidd 10 points, but seeing as the scores were later reversed, Kidd ended up with 7 points and Wathoni, 10.

They would eventually earn the least and most money from the prize money, with Kidd taking away N235,000, and Wathoni going away with N335,000.

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