#YNaijaBBNGist: ‘He is a stupid fool’ Erica refers to Laycon

Saturday nights in the Big Brother Naija house are for parties, and of course the drama that inevitably ensues.

Yesterday was no exception as housemates bogeyed down to the stylings of DJ Kaywise.

Unfortunately, a potentially explosive confrontation seemed to be brewing in Erica’s mind, one that would threaten to destroy the positive vibes in the house.

During the party, it seemed like Erica, had, had a little too much to drink. At some point, she was visibly upset, and her mood turned a few heads.

Apparently, she didn’t appreciate Nengi being close to Kidddwaya again. She confronted Nengi about it, and Nengi was able to reassure her, that she wants nothing to do with Kidd.

Erica seemed to be in check at that point, but ultimately, a more extensively distrustful drama would unfold.

After the party, Erica confronted Laycon on the kiss accusation Ebuka brought up last Sunday. She demanded to know when Laycon claims, she tried to kiss him. Laycon gave no words. He showed some impressive restraint in having to go back and forth with someone that was clearly intoxicated.

This would have been a perfect opportunity to bait her into her third strike, and get her disqualified, seeing as she made threats of violence, but Laycon decided not to indulge. An opportunity, I’m not sure, everyone in the house world be willing to pass.

However, his silence only seemed to provoke Erica some more.

She began raining down a slew of insults on Laycon,  calling him a fool, an idiot, and a liar, repeatedly. After which she stated that she can never be attracted to someone that looked like Laycon.

From here, the body shaming began, as she said Laycon was too skinny, too short and too ugly, for her to be attracted to him. She also said that be looked like a chicken bone.

The insults continued, as she called him a coward, and claimed that Laycon is always trying to use her name to trend.

While Erica continually berated Laycon, Laycon was mature enough to remain silent, even though Trickytee was upset on his behalf.

Some of the housemates tried to diffuse the situation. Vee and Neo asked Erica to go help Vee get her medicine, just so she can leave that vicinity, but she insisted on insulting Laycon to her heart’s content first.

Neo tried to lighten the mood in the room, by being jovial about the whole situation, but no one was laughing.

Nengi, also tried to step in, and have her calm down, and Erica blatantly refused.

And finally, Kiddwaya attempted to pull her away, but to no avail. Even with help from Prince, they were unable to contain Erica’s tirade.

Dorothy later suggested that Laycon should not allow Erica’s words get to him, and should continue to ignore her.

In all, it was a long night, and I’m sure a lot would be discussed in the coming days.

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