#YNaijaBBNGist: Here’s why Brighto wants to break things off with Ozo and Nengi


Big Brother seems to be adamant about keeping to his word, ever since he disclosed to the current head of house Kiddwaya that he won’t be available to attend to the housemates for a few days. Big Brother’s deafening silence to the housemates, seems to be getting to them, as some of the housemates have stated that they miss his voice.

Perhaps this is what inspired the task the housemates received from Biggie today via letter. The task demanded that housemates play the role of Big Brother to each other in pairs.


Just to mention a few, Laycon was Wathoni’s Big Brother. Praise was Ozo’s Big Brother. Vee was Neo’s Big Brother, Wathoni was Erica’s Big Brother and Prince was Brighto’s Big Brother.

As interesting as it was seeing Erica and Wathoni having a conversation, what really caught people’s attention is the Brighto and Prince duo. Not necessarily because they have an interesting dynamic, like Erica and Wathoni, but because of a statement Brighto made.

Brighto’s comments

This is the part where we say; ‘speaking to Big Brother, but in this case, speaking to Prince’, Brighto responded to the question about which couple he would break up to advance his game. The ever clever Brighto replied that he would break Ozo and Nengi up, because he believes the relationship is going nowhere.

Asides being hilarious, his comment is interesting for a number of reasons. The question here remains: how does breaking up Ozo and Nengi advance his game?

Fans are scratching their heads, and concocting all sorts of theories based on this. According to some, maybe his statement was not to answer the question, but rather to sow ideas in Prince’s head.

If you remember, Prince did have a thing with Nengi for a very brief period. The thing in question didn’t last long because Ozo was in the picture. Perhaps he is trying to tell Prince to go for Nengi, seeing as Nengi and Ozo’s ship according to him, is going nowhere.

Not sure exactly how this advances his game, but maybe more drama in the house increases his chances of winning.

This theory may be far fetched, but Brighto does have a history of being very conniving with his opinions. Hence the reason fans online refer to him as popular Game of Thrones character Lord Baelish. Some fans believe that maybe he is being manipulative again.

It gets a bit more ridiculous but still plausible, as other fans have taken this theory a bit further. They claim that if Prince does go for Nengi, that will leave Tolanibaj baeless, and then he can go for her.

While others simply believe that Brighto was just being brutally honest, as he simply blurted out an un-popular opinion. Whatever you choose to go with, there is no denying that Brighto become internet popular whenever he decides to come out his shell.


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