#YNaijaBBNUpdates: Ike ‘prefers his old life to this new one’ | Reunion Day 15


Day 15 of the BBN reunion show was tagged ‘na dem dey rush us’ edition. Ebuka directed his first question to Ike, and asked if the fame he had gathered as a BBN contestant fazed him. Ike stated that he didn’t go in for fame, he went in strictly for the money. He said that coming out the fame didn’t really weird him out, even though he wasn’t expecting it. It was the request that were strange.

Posing the same question to Tacha, she said she wasn’t surprised by the fame, but she admitted to being overwhelmed by the magnitude. She said she expected some level of fame, but with the Titans, she didn’t see that coming. For Kim Oprah, she was especially surprised when she was recognized outside of Nigeria.

Next discussion on the table was about money.

Enkay narrated a story where someone she didn’t even know asked for her account details, and later sent a substantial amount of money. Seyi said he wants the same experience stating, “I need blessing, because I want to bless other people too.” 

Still on the subject of money, Ebuka asked Venita if she had people asking her for money, because they felt like she had enough. She said that people did that occasionally prior to the house, now they do it all the time. She said she has two children, and she has to take care of them herself.

“How did you handle the sudden demands from family and friends?” Ebuka asked. Jackey said, she is the kind of person that doesn’t know how to say no. She said she feels responsible for everyone. She said the financial pressure was not is not tough as social media pressure.

Speaking on cash promises made by some prominent people, Tacha said, most of the people that promised her money, did it to chase clout. She said that none of them gave her anything.

Ebuka asked Mercy about the sort of pressure she felt, given that she won. She said, the type of pressure she faces is more judgmental in nature. That people ask why she won, and how a girl like her can win.

Seyi’s own pressure, he said, comes from his name. He said that the moment people see him, the begin asking for favors, on the basis that he is Awowlowo’s grandchild. He dismissed this saying that “If I had that kind of money, I will be one of the sponsors of the show, not a contestant.”

For Ike, he doesn’t feel the pressure to give. He said he is ‘street’ and would take the fans money before they can take his. With giveaways, Ike said the requests from fans can become too much.

Omoshola said, till this day, he still gets accounts from random users. He said, this is because he set himself up.

Next was discussion on competition. Ebuka asked if the housemates, secretly and internally compete with each other over accolades and life style. Kim Oprah said she doesn’t believe in unhealthy competition. She wants to see everyone win.

Ike said that after leaving the house, his plan was to leave the country, because thinking back, he had more money then. He said the only comparison he makes, is his new life vs the old one. But after speaking to Mercy and Diana who begged him to be patient, his patience began to pay off.

Tacha said she felt pressure after leaving the house, basically because of the way she left. She said she needed some time alone which the fans interrupted as her snubbing them.

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