#YNaijaBBNUpdates: Love mishaps with the housemates as they sit to discuss | Reunion Day 16

Day 16 of the BBN Reunion and it was the friend zone edition. Seated with Ebuka were housemates, whose relationships although promising, failed to bloom.

Ebuka began with Diane, who you can say was in a love rectangle. Diane had an interesting relationship with Tuoyo, Sir Dee and, Nelson, in the house. After a clip of Diane saying Sir Dee was like a brother to her, played, Kim Oprah stated that in her opinion, Diane looked like she had feelings for Sir Dee, but she had to be wary of the fact Sir Dee was already in a relationship.

“Sir Dee kept talking about her like a younger sister.” Frodd said. To him, he didn’t see the romantic connection. With Tuoyo and Diane however, he said that was a bit more promising. And with Nelson, he said he is not sure.

Ebuka then asked Tuoyo if he was aware of the other two guys in the picture. Tuoyo said he was. He said he did have some hope for he and Diane, but seeing her cuddle with Nelson, made him more cautious. Diane and Nelson denied ever cuddling.

Nelson spoke on the issue, stating that he and Diane were cool. Going into the house, he was just getting out of a bad relationship, and didn’t want to get into anything serious. Another thing that hindered the relationship was that, Diane thought there was something going on with he and Esther.

He concluded saying that he knew that Diane liked Tuoyo, but he could tell that she liked him more. When asked about Diane and Esther, he said he still likes Diane more, that Esther is more of a friend.

Sir Dee said he had a conversation with all three of them. He admitted that; “It was an open playing field and everyone is free to shoot their shot.”

Diana who was the center of the entire conversation was asked to chip in. She said, with Sir Dee, they were just friends. With Nelson, she said she liked him, but she had a feeling that he liked Esther, so that was a red flag. And with Tuoyo, she said she liked him, but he liked her more.

Ebuka asked if she felt like she was leading them on. And she responded no. She said she is too friendly, maybe that’s why the viewers may feel like she was leading them on. Esther buttressed this point, saying that if she didn’t know the details, and she was just a viewer watching from the outside, she too would feel like she was leading them on.

Ebuka asked where Diane is now with the guys. She said Sir Dee is her brother for life. Nelson and her just didn’t talk after the show. And with Tuoyo, she said they are okay.

Taking the question to Tuoyo, he said, he likes Diana’s personality, but physically, she is not his spec. He said, usually, he likes thick girls, but recently his preference seems to be changing.

Esther was the next subject, and her relationship with Nelson was brought into question. She said at the time, before his eviction, she liked him. And didn’t feel Diane was intruding. She said they were close and he asked her out, but she said no. Which is why she is surprised to hear him say, they were just friends. “I was like, you lying scum.” She said, when Ebuka asked her if she was surprised to hear that Nelson had friend zoned her.

Kim Oprah agreed that she saw potential with Nelson and Esther, and she thought something would eventually happen between them in the house and if not, then outside the house.

Frodd who would later turn out to have a relationship with Esther in the house, was asked if he spoke to Esther about the whole Nelson and Esther thing. He said after speaking to Esther he backed out, because felt like she liked him more.

Nelson in turn denied ever asking Esther to be his girl friend. “I can’t just say I want us to be in a relationship and then I take it back.” he stated. The reason he publicly declared they were friends is because he felt like she was just playing the game. Also he saw her getting close to Frodd after he left, someone she once referred to as ‘disgusting.’

Ebuka asked where they are at now, and if they would like to talk about it personally. Nelson claimed he would love to, but if she is going to respond as aggressively as she did on the show, then he rather not. While Esther said she is over it. After which she stood up to give him a hug.

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