#YNaijaBBNUpdates: “Tacha tried intimidating me with her car” – Kim | Reunion Day 23

It’s day 23 of the Big Brother ‘Pepper Dem’ Reunion show, and the housemates continued with revisiting some unresolved issues.

Kim Oprah and Tacha

The episode began with a Kim Oprah and Tacha confrontation .

Tacha stated that her confidence is perceived as a problem because she is a woman, adding that if it were a man, no one would complain about her confidence.

Show host, Ebuka brought up an altercation involving Tacha where she allegedly recorded Kim with her phone. Tacha denied the allegation but Kim called  Esther and Omashola as her witnesses to testify to the turn of events.

Esther recounted the incident, explaining that Kim, Omashola and herself were outside a hotel, when Kim suddenly yell a curse word at Tacha who just pulled up in her car. Esther said she heard Tacha yelling “This car is what my confidence got me, where is yours?”

Omashola corroborated Esther’s account adding that Tacha brought her phone out and appeared to be recording Kim and yelling; “This car is what my confidence got me, where is yours?” Omashola said he corrected Tacha at that point, and told her she couldn’t say stuff like that, as he pointed at Kim’s car.

In response, Tacha insisted that it never happened and that they were lying about her.

Speaking on the issue, Mercy advised that if everyone of them should move on and start by owning up to their mistakes. Bickering amongst the housemates went on for a while, after which Mercy claimed that she has the alleged recording.

Kim concluded that if Tacha is as confident a she claims to be, then she shouldn’t be hiding behind her phone or fans, adding that if Tacha has a problem with her, then she should be bold to confront her one-on-one.

Frodd and Esther

Esther admitted to being hurt by Frodd’s comment some episodes ago, when Frodd said she had friends in the upper echelon, adding that if someone else said so, it may have not hurt as much as it did. She stated that she felt particularly hurt because of how close they were.

She went on to take responsibility for parts of what happened and apologised, but stressed that she was nonetheless hurt by Frodd’s comment. Esther noted that she would never have done same to Frodd, hence she was hurt that he did the same to her.

Frodd spoke about how bad he felt giving off the perception that he would do anything to please a woman, based on his relationship with Esther.

“She neglected everything I have done to make our relationship work and she said on air that Frodd never made a move,” he added.

He expressed that when Esther came out of the house and said on TV that he never proposed a relationship to her, it made him look like a playboy whose strategy was to play the role of lover boy while in the house.

According to him, he feels stupid recalling some things he did for Esther in the house and he doesn’t like the public perception about him; that he can kill himself for a girl who cares less about him.

For him, if she really cared about him then she should have told the world and flame out the said perception.

Esther noted that she got some heat too, harping on the ugly perceptions about her; of being angry, bitter and a witch.

She also stated that she didn’t need to profess her love to the world for it to be real, adding that the reason she doesn’t talk to Nelson any more is because she felt it would be disrespectful to Frodd, and this was enough proof.

Frodd withdrew his “upper echelon” statement and apologised to her.

Asked what Esther felt about Frodd at the moment, she explained that she isn’t sure if she should be called a friend, since they were yet to truly iron things out.

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