You might need this someday: How to make your girl jealous in 7 ways

by Mandovi Menon


After all, jealousy is a perfectly natural human emotion so it only comes down to moulding it the right way and ensuring that it’s beneficial rather than destructive in its execution. On that note, let the games begin!

1. Identification

This is the first and foremost step of your mission to make your partner green with envy and it’s vital that you take care of this step before you proceed. Identify–and we do mean ponder over it for a good amount of time so that you’re certain–why you want to do this in the first place. Is it because you’ve been feeling neglected, rejected or even perhaps a little envious of them? It’s important to identify this because it’s required for our next step; and that next step is the backbone of it all.

2. Understand The Cause 

Once you’ve identified your reason for wanting to do this, it’s time to understand it. You may realize that a little effective communication may right all the wrongs without ever needing to get into silly games like these.  However, if you do decide to take it forward even after having thought about it for a while, we have the scoop on how to get the deed done. After all, jealousy is a perfectly natural human emotion so it only comes down to moulding it the right way and ensuring that it’s beneficial rather than destructive in its execution. On that note, let the games begin!

3. Mirror Magic

Get off your seat, walk over to the mirror on your wall and give it a good hard stare. Not to be shallow, but if you’re going to attempt tough games like this, then you need to accept the facts. And the fact is, you need to turn yourself into someone worth chasing!. Are your teeth a bit yellow? Get them whitened! Go to the gym and work on losing some of that extra flab, eat healthier, get a great haircut or buy some new clothes. Feel better about yourself and rest assured, the world will take notice of the new and improved you. Even more importantly, your woman is bound to sit up and take note of the changes as well. However, do

4. Start Having Fun (Or At Least Make It Sound Like You Are)

There’s nothing that grabs attention more than you going out and having a great time–without her. Make plans with all your buddies or better yet, some women from your workplace. Don’t invite her along and watch her face turn green with both disbelief and envy as you saunter off with your new and awesome friends. And make sure the weekends are even more packed because that’s the time you usually reserve for her. Amazing how simple jealousy can be if you stick to the age-old tricks, isn’t it?

5. Social Networking Sites Are Your Friend

This may deviate from my previous ‘stick to the good ol’ tricks advice’ but we promise this one will also work wonders. Nothing will get your old lady’s goat like a hot woman’s picture on your profile page, or some random babe liking your pictures and commenting on your status updates. Either create a persona just to mess with her mind a little or if you’re really serious about this game, start chatting up old female friends and colleagues and see where it gets you. The more attractive, the better. And trust us, she stalks your Facebook profile often enough whether you know it or not, so this one is bound to work.

6. Praise Someone You Know She Has Issues With

All women have major insecurities about at least one or two other women. It could be their sister, their cousin, a friend or a colleague–and chances are you’re very well aware of it, even if she doesn’t think you are. They’re as transparent as a sheet of plastic, the fairer sex, and it’s time to take advantage of it!  Praise this person, albeit as casually as possible, and watch her patience levels drain right in front of your eyes. This one’s a bit tricky though, because you might make her angry instead of jealous if you push too hard and for too long. So keep it simple, short and utter the words almost in passing if you want the right results.

7. Hang Out With Other Women

Find some new female friends but please do not lead them on if you’re only doing this to improve your own relationship with your girl. This is a proven trick and it works the best. Humans always want what other humans want, so if your woman sees other girls eyeballing you, it’s only going to make her protective claws come out in a jiffy. If the relationship’s not serious yet you could go as far as to date someone else. Who knows? It may even land you in a better relationship. However, if the sole purpose is to just get a rise out of your woman, ask a female friend to play the role of a flirtatious vixen after you’ve explained your true intentions to her. Works like a charm, every single time!


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