15 type of guys to avoid dating at all costs

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15 Responses

  1. ^1 reason why you are still single.

  2. Umar Faruk Abubakar says:

    NiCe link

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nonsensical Alakaata. No thanks to blackberry and N300 for internet access. How else would we hve had to endure this fit-for-the-gabbage-dump write-up.

  4. Ejimeh says:

    Nonsense article

  5. Chukwu God'spower says:

    D prblm wit women of 2day is dat de hav many conditions 4 datin a guy. No wonder de end up wit broken homes much later. Kip waitn 4a guy who wil fit into all these trash. NONSENSE!

  6. Ciroman Rogun says:


  7. Victor C. Nwaogwugwu says:

    rubbish! nothin meaningful.

  8. Seun Olopade says:

    Ur nos 15 is absolutely wrong,wat if she's keeping d wrong kinda friends?m

  9. xehuno says:

    Even if I agree wit all,ur no 15 is bloody crap.wat if she’s keeping wrong friends?so u expect d guy to play along wit her bad friends just bcos he wants to marry her? I am very sure u can’t get married ursef wit dis ur crazy guidelines. U beta wake up b4 it’s too late.

  10. motunrayo says:

    This was written by a guy, and the ones angry are mostly guys, hmmm. Mostly true, 99% very true! If she’s keeping bad friends, it isnyour place to ask her to change them, you can tell her your opinion, then leave her to make up her mind on what to do, eventually she could change them or ‘ruin’ her relationship. Sincerely what if he just wants her to change her friends cuz he just is that kind of man?.

  11. bright says:

    No 15 is absolutely wrong…it shows u don’t know all my dear. So my woman should disobey me and please outsiders . That means she can as well hurt me to make her friends happy…pls have a rethink

  12. No 15 is absolutely wrong, you see u don't even no all my dear. So my woman should disobey me and please outsiders…she can as well hurt me and make her friends happy abi ? My friend go and have a rethink.

  13. gold says:

    Love to stay single all your life. This article is good for you

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