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EzinneSeptember 5, 2017

The Thread: “Loyalty” “Freaky in bed” | 20 things men want in a relationship

As long as the earth remaineth, discussions about relationships (“Act like a woman, think like a man”; “10 ways to ...

Op-ed EditorNovember 23, 2016

The Thread: “Know when to fight for love, and when to let it go”, @julietkego advises

Juliet Kego, poet and international speaker, has some relationship advice for you. In a series of tweets, she draws a ...

July 9, 2014

16 things only people in casual relationships understand

by Anna Breslaw     For instance, when you talk to your mom on the phone and she asks you ...

May 29, 2014

Nahla Donna: True love versus Hollywood love (30 Days, 30 Voices)

by Nahla Donna ”Sentimentality can become part of what leads to authentic, selfless love for another person, but if we ...

May 2, 2014

Olaniyi Afolabi: Why men cheat (30 Days, 30 Voices)

by Olaniyi Afolabi   ‘‘ I am saddened as to the way men have been so reduced, to nothing more ...

March 19, 2014

Boyowa Eresanara: Avoiding the friend zone ( 30 Days, 30 Voices)

by Boyowa Erasanara “The trick to avoid being zoned is to be fast in studying whoever you want to get ...

February 26, 2014

Dear Tessy: Please help, I want to marry my girlfriend but she’s 4 years older

Dear Tessy, Please I need your advice. I’m deeply in love with my girlfriend of 3 years even though she’s ...

February 15, 2014

Living love: Valentine’s day is not yet over for Tonto Dikeh (LOOK)

by Tutu Akinlabi Actress, Tonto Dikeh is obviously enjoying the season of love more than a lot of other people. ...

February 14, 2014

Listen up ladies, Tonto Dikeh has some Valentine’s day advice for you (LOOK)

by Tutu Akinlabi Actress, Tonto Dikeh is known for doing just what she wants and exactly when she wants it. ...

January 29, 2014

SNAPSHOT: Is Tonto Dikeh now a proud owner of a Hummer Jeep?

by Tutu Akinlabi Tonto Dikeh is no stranger to luxury as can be seen from her host of luxury items ...

January 24, 2014

7 reasons most people are afraid of love

by Lisa Firestone The truth is that love is often imbalanced, with one person feeling more or less from moment ...

December 14, 2013

Tonto Dikeh has a Saturday special for the guys (LOOK)

by Tutu Akinlabi No wonder Tonto Dikeh is a favourite with the guys. Her pretty face and outgoing nature makes ...

December 10, 2013

Tonto Dikeh looks AMAZING! See for yourself (PHOTOS)

by Tutu Akinlabi Say what you want about Tonto Dikeh, but she is one very beautiful female. The star stuns ...

December 8, 2013

Tonto Dikeh has a Sunday message for you (LOOK)

by Tutu Akinlabi Tonto Dikeh has earned the reputation of a bad girl; with her penchant for huge tattoos and ...

November 28, 2013

Hello ladies! Tonto Dikeh has some relationship advice for you (READ)

by Tutu Akinlabi One of Tonto Dikeh’s many admirable qualities is that she’s never afraid to speak her mind. The ...

July 14, 2013

14 relationship moments that can make or break a couple

by Amy Shearn …..that first kiss is going to become the stuff of relationship lore, a creation myth shared with ...

July 3, 2013

Relationship advice for women: 5 things your mom NEVER told you

by Caitlyn Hitt A couple who can respect each others dreams and chase them together is a couple that will have ...

June 27, 2013

Sex secrets: Survey reveals what couples really want in bed

Though couples may disagree about various aspects of their sex lives (for example, frequency and sexual fantasies) new research reveals ...

May 4, 2013

4 things to do when you are bored with your marriage

Linda Bloom LCSW and Charlie Bloom MSW The very things that initially attracted us to our partner can sometimes later ...

April 20, 2013

How to get a boyfriend NOW

by Susan Walsh If you want a man to commit to you, you must be someone who is worthy of ...

April 16, 2013

10 experiences that signal you are in love

by Margaret Paul You cannot truly love another when you don’t accept and love yourself. Not loving yourself leads to ...

April 12, 2013

3 secrets for staying in love forever

by Jon Wortmann There is nothing easier for a spouse or significant other to forgive than a loved one who ...

April 3, 2013

What ‘I love you but I’m not IN love with you’ really means

Not every relationship is meant to last forever, and more often than not, each partner may feel differently in regard ...

March 19, 2013

10 types of men who just waste your time and won’t marry you

by Samantha Daniels We have all been out with this guy. He says he is over his ex, yet at ...

March 12, 2013

Thank us later: The 4 secrets to a lasting relationship

by Jeff Cannon You can become the change you want to see in your partner and in your relationship. You’ll ...

March 4, 2013

15 type of guys to avoid dating at all costs

by Joshua Pompey He’s cute, fun, smart and you can’t stop thinking about him. You’re already three steps ahead of ...

March 4, 2013

5 greatest relationship mistakes (we bet you’ve already done 3)

by Leigh Newman Here they are: the things you shouldn’t do in a relationship but you end up doing anyway — sometimes ...

December 16, 2012

Why he dated you for years and ended up marrying someone else (he just met)

by Jessica Massa That said…we’re only human. And yeah, it’s going to sting. Especially when it’s the next girl, which ...

December 4, 2012

Opinion: Is marriage dying or is it just the economy?

by Rev. Jesse Herriott, M.A. In many cases, it’s not the “ultra-romantic” times that define a marriage; it’s the tough ...

November 29, 2012

7 signs he’s never going to propose

by Bree Maresca-Kramer If he has the intention of moving forward with you, he will clearly state that to you. ...

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