Japheth Omojuwa: The Rivers coup and Jonathan’s Transformation Agenda (Y! FrontPage)

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7 Responses

  1. cj Austin says:

    why do u always speak against the Administration of President Goodluck Jonathan. What concern do the President have in the River State afair? Even if things didn’t urgor well with them. How sure are you that the President hand is in that crisis?

    • GO says:

      even if you are blind do you need someone to tap you train is coming, even a child of today knows where the stone is coming from.

    • solo says:

      Oga go and sleep every body knows the root of the crisis in river state

    • UPATA MAN says:

      cj Austin are u really a true Nigerian? be sincere for once and stop playing blind.as Adedamola rightly said,only we Nigerians can save ourselves.we need to rise against this.

  2. Hajaratu shettima says:

    The president is just too desperate in his bid to prove his authority and superiority over Ameachi that he engages himself in shady deals. But he should realize that he is not Obasanjo but a temiid and inexperienced politician struggling hard to be seen as ruthless. Matters are not helped by people like Jang, a whole state govenor and a retired Air Force officer who allowed himself to be used like a political thug. Plateau people, who we known as fearless warriors should be ashamed of him. Each time he appears on tv confidently parading himself as the NGF chairman, i stare at him in disbelief. And now, another mess in Rivers state house of assembly. Gosh! You know what, while Obasanjo’s maneauvers were neatly executed and leave people guessing,Jonathan’s is so clumsily done that even a nursery pupil doesn’t have to guess from where it is coming from. Anyway, I am sure that the judiciary will clean up this mess.

    • Adedamola says:

      what judiciary my brother? the hopelessly corrupt judges or lawyers that are now bed-fellows of politicians? I don’t see hope for Nigeria at all. Only we the masses can save ourselves.

  3. Oladele Okunbote says:

    A jumble of shallow , childish assumptions , Amaechi has always been a dictator in Rivers State ,,now some people are standing up to him

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