10 easy tips to have the perfect date

by Genevieve Nunis


Whether you’re old or new in the dating scene, feeling nervous before your big date is something we all can’t avoid. But it’s only normal because we’re letting someone new into our lives and he may or may not be The One.

Here are 10 tops to help make sure you have a perfect first day, while successfully impressing him too.

1. Start With a Positive State of Mind

We all have moments of doubt, and it’s absolutely normal. You could be worried about that zit on your nose or every other flaw, but it’s so important to remind yourself of the great qualities you have. Be confident and shrug off the negativity with some positive vibes.

2. Wear Something Comfortable

Your clothes, make-up, even your shoes should reflect your personality. Why settle for a tight red dress when you’re going to have to tug it down below your thighs every 30 seconds? Find out where the date will be taking place so you’ll know how to dress accordingly. At the same time, skip the dark and dramatic lipsticks and opt for a neutral look that will enhance your features

3. Stick to Light Topics

Want your date to be fun and enjoyable? Keep the conversations lights with topics like hobbies, travel, music, interests and where you live. Avoid conversations about religion, politics and any emotional baggage because there’s time for the heavy stuff in the future.

4. Smile
A smile can warm the heart of your date, and he’s probably more attracted to bright-eyed smile than a pout that makes you look disinterested. A smile can also get the flirting to start, so why complain?

5. Google Him

Some may consider it a breach of privacy, but when you happen to share mutual friends with your date, there’s no harm in a little research about his personality. Don’t limit yourself to LinkedIn and Facebook. Ask your friends personal about him, his quirks and interests. This will give you time to prepare conversation starters too.

6. Compliment Him
Everyone loves a set of light-hearted compliments about the way they look. Complimenting your date is a subtle method of flirting. Whether it’s a “Oh, you look good” when he arrives, or a “You’re very funny” in the middle of a conversation, compliments are a good indication that the date’s going very well.

7. Put Away Your Phone

If your date is going well, there’s no reason why you should be on your phone unless if it’s something important. Avoid any Facebook updates, and for the love of God – do not live-tweeting your dates!

 8. Talk and Listen Equally

Everyone loves to talk about themselves, especially when your date just happens to be an attentive listener. But always take turns to talk and always give your full attention when your date is talking. If you’re starting to get bored, subtly change the topic into something more interesting.

9. Avoid Close-Ended Questions

You don’t want to be left with one-line answers when you’re talking to a man, so start asking questions that require a little bit more explanation. Not only does it make the date less boring, but it’ll also help you figure out if you’re compatible or not.

10. Offer to Pay Your Part

This is a controversial subject in dating etiquette as women are starting to foot the bill, even if it’s for their own. Sometimes it’s a battle of egos, but men shouldn’t be offended when a woman offers to pay for her part.  At the same time, some men purposely test a woman’s character by seeing if she offers to pay for herself. Show him you’re independent and offer to pay your part, but if he refuses, offer to buy him coffee instead.


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