Bayo The Creator’s GTA Naija parodies are the coolest thing on the internet


There is a lot of sub-par media content being churned out by Nigerian content creators. Especially in the age of social media fame, where one ounce of virality is enough to change a person’s fortunes and catapult them into celebrity. The internet has made publishing content significantly easier and growing an audience a simple matter of following back. It has also made many of the formerly restrictive tools that kept many people from creating content like tutorials for video editing easily accessible. A generation of self taught content creators are rising to meet the demand for content. But none might be quite as revolutionary as Bayo The Creator and his new adventure, GTA Naija.

Comedy seems to be the preferred medium for most internet content creators, with common tropes like cross dressing, familial relationships and sex being common tropes that are usually explored in these genres. Comedians like Nasty Blaq and Sydney Talker try to shock and horrify their audiences into laughs with comedy that skirts the line of inappropriateness. However Bayo the Creator is taking a different tack and employing parody and nostalgia to fuel his new original series called, ‘GT Naija’.

For those who might not immediately get the reference, GTA Naija, is a parody of Grand Theft Auto, a video game franchise from Rockstar Games, popular among Nigerian gaming communties for its free world game play (it even had radio stations that players could tune into during their rides), its wanton celebration of violence and hypersexuality and its compelling characters.

Bayo the Creator is tapping into this nostalgia of this era to recreate his own version of the GTA  universe in GTA Naija, which bears many parallels to Nigeria. He mimics to near perfection, the gait of the principal players, the predictability of its characters and the hair raising twists that often happen in the game. The result is pure brilliance.

Bayo The Creator has already gained traction within the enterainment industry with cameos from in-demand music video producer TG Omori. The sky is only up from here.

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