#BBNaija: Bassey picks Tboss over Debie-rise as a romantic partner, TTT and Bisola talk about intimacy + more highlights

It’s Day 44 and housemates are literally walking, talking and breathing their assigned characters for the upcoming #BBWedding on Thursday. Remember, Efe and Marvis are the groom and bride, Bisola and TTT are the groom’s parents, Bally is the bride’s dad, Tboss is the wedding decorator and official chef, Bassey is the wedding MC and Debie-Rise is the temptress and former side-chic whose job is to try to disrupt the wedding.

They woke up today in character and the couple are getting along so well and bonding as they prepare for the ceremony. Tboss has been all the cooking too, a task we think she would have taken on anyway considering Uriel the house mum had been evicted on Sunday.

With morning workouts done and breakfast almost done, the housemates were instructed by Biggie to freeze. They had no idea what was coming. In their frozen state, a ninja walked into the house bearing spray cans containing whipped cream and he sprayed all over the housemates without mercy. Debie-Rise who had just stepped out of the bathroom was not spared. When asked to unfreeze, they all shouted their concerns loud to Biggie with Bisola going on with the words “Big Brother, I freaking just had a bath man” while the others joked about holding the next ninja to step foot into the house hostage.

But while they went on ranting, another ninja, this time female walked in with sass and attitude and proceeded to bless the housemates with another round (and this time done with attention to detail) of whipped cream spraying. LOL! This was after Bisola had washed the cream from her hair.

Later in the day, they got to assemble in the arena for the day’s task. Since it’s wedding week, the task was to help them bond better. Working in pairs, the housemates were to feed each other a bowl of icecream without touching each other while they wore blindfolded. The pairings went like this: Efe and Marvis, Bally and Tboss, Bisola and Bassey, TTT and Debie-Rise.

Efe and Marvis emerged winners and were promised a reward by Biggie.

Meanwhile, Debie the temptress doing so well in her roleplay that one is beginning to wonder if she’s still acting. She was in the couple’s faces most of the afternoon, strumming her guitar as she repeated the lines “don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me”. Because it’s Debie-Rise and her deep feelings for Bassey are no longer a secret, there’s a possibility those words are actually targeted to him. Does anyone agree?

So to the highlight of the day! The housemates were invited to a Diary Room session where he quizzed them on what factors they thought would jeopardise their stay in the house. For Tboss, it was nothing. She reiterated that although she constantly picked on by the housemates, she had learnt to live without pressure and made sure to follow house rules. ThinTallTony insists that he can’t bring himself to trusting anyone in the house while Bally just saw everyone else as a threat but has felt somewhat relieved since yesterday’s campaign.

Anyway, the sweetest part of the gist was when Biggie asked the housemates who they would want to paired with in a romantic task. Guess who each housemate went for?

Bisola chose TTT and he chose her too

Tboss went for Bally and he did same

Efe and Marvis stuck to each other

But Debie-Rise and Bassey were the exception. Debie named Bassey (of course) while Bassey named Tboss, leaving us with the question: Will Debie-rise ever get the message and move on to someone else?

While Debie is getting no love, TTT and Tboss were friendly again today. He played pranks on her, she hugged him, she caught him and reciprocated his prank by rubbing cold ice cream on his bare belly with the help of Bisola and everyone in that mix seems happy. Although its hard to tell if Bisola is happy about Tboss and TTT’s new closeness.

How do we know this? Tboss interrupted a conversation between Bisola and TTT about sex. He had avoided her for a while, now they finally got to talk about his sex life outside the house. He told her he could stay celibate for as long as 6 months if he got busy with work. Tboss cut the flow when she jumped in to reciprocate his prank. Poor Bisola!


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