#BBNaija: “He is sick,” “Boma is right” | Housemates weigh in on the Boma and Angel fight

Last night, on the Big Brother Naija show, audiences were treated to one of the ugliest incidents that has occurred in the house so far.

The fight between Boma and Angel which broke out late Thursday in the pool area has now become in the opinion of many, the worst fight of the season, owing to how triggered fans are online.

Boma and Angel who were having what we can call a civil dispute, all of a sudden began to tear at each other, with the fight at some point nearing violence. The dispute began when Boma accused Angel of telling Queen that he is a ‘kiss and tell.’ He didn’t seem to appreciate being called that and he confronted Angel about it.

Angel denied ever saying that, but it didn’t end there. Both parties kept bickering until they started hurling derogatory words at each other. As you would expect, both of them had to be separated, and following that, some of the housemates began to weigh in on the matter.

Queen who has no love-lost with Boma, of course sided with Angel. To say they had a conversation over the issue would be putting it mildly, as they spent the entirety of last night berating Boma. Queen called Boma manipulative and crazy, amongst many other things.

Liquorose on the other hand, thinks Boma is right. While she is unaware of the events leading up to the fight or the details of the fight itself, she seemed to agree with Boma – stressing that Angel’s entrat into the BBNaija house is her biggest achievement. She also noted that Angel could only speak to Boma in the manner she did, because they were within same confines.

“It’s just because all of us are in this house together. Its a normal thing everyone will want to talk to anyhow and it’s ok,” she said.

Cross, was against the words Boma had used and not much else. He was strongly against the idea of speaking to a woman the way Boma had done, noting that he has sisters and would be greatly offended if he ever found anyone using such foul words on his sisters – regardless of the preceding event.

According to Cross, Nini tagged Boma as ‘manipulative.’ This was as he also told Angel and Queen that in analysing the altercation between Angel and Boma, and the events leading up to it, Nini said Boma was playing the game and knows exactly what he was doing. Her point was for Angel to be careful, so as not to get into any unnecessary trouble.

For Tega, Boma should have avoided her, as she didn’t like the way Angel spoke to Boma especially if the huge difference in age is anything to consider. All other housemates appear to be reserving their comments about the issue and instead playing peace makers.

Will Boma survive Sunday’s eviction with these plenty troubles he keeps getting into?

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