#BBNaija: Let’s talk about consent, Desmond Elliot visits the house +more highlights

Day 45 in the Big Brother House and it’s International Women’s Day just as it is in “the outside world”.

Biggie smartly used the opportunity to get the housemate to talk and learn about consent and rape as it relates to Kemen’s disqualification on Sunday nights.

Guess who came in to preach the gospel of consent? Nollywood’s finest actor turned politician, Desmond Elliot. He was accompanied by ONE AFRICA Director, Nachilala Nkombo. They both got the housemates enlightened on the plight of girls across Africa as it relates to lack of access to education, gender inequality and the #GirlsCount campaign.

The task from this visit was to read the materials that had been handed to them and come up with a presentation defending the rights of the girl child. Housemates also got goody bags that contained ONE branded t-shirts with their names on it.

As today was all about education, the housemates were greeted by another set of guests who facilitated a seminar on the theme: Consent is sexy. In two sessions, they learnt to set boundaries, participated in an exercise called “Crossing the line”, opened up on the topic to the facilitators and recited the ‘Consent is sexy’ pledge. The highlight of this session was the point where Tboss was put on the stop while the housemates got to tell beautiful things about her to her face and also apologised for how they reacted when the Kemen situation arose on Sunday. It was an opportunity to make Tboss feel like she wasn’t alone and though she had been victimised, she has shoulders to lean on.

Most of the rest of the day was spent on the Monopoly task. The housemates got play in two groups of four. Bisola, Bally, Efe and Tboss made group 1 while Bassey, ThinTallTony, Debie-Rise and Marvis were on the second group. Most of the housemates had no idea how to go about the board game but quickly got the hang of it as they moved on. Biggie promised a surprise reward for the winner.

The #BBWedding is tomorrow and we are excited to see how that goes.

Meanwhile, live show host Ebuka announced that there will be no eviction this week but we have reason to believe that the eviction show will hold. What do you think Biggie has in plan for Sunday?



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