#BBNaija: Saskay may be barking up the wrong tree with Cross’ fans

On this season of the Big Brother Naija show, one of the most complicated ships was the love triangle between Saskay, Cross and Jaypaul. At the end of the day, Cross got the short end of the stick, as Saskay openly chose Jaypaul over him.

Now that both Jaypaul and Saskay have been evicted, you would think that the whole situation would have come to a close, and at the very least, Saskay and Jaypaul are going to continue outside the house, where they left off. However, both these assumptions couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Not only does it look like Saskay and Jaypaul are through, it would also seem that Saskay now has a new found interest in Cross. Sometime last week, Jaypaul, put out a cryptic message, stating; “Rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.” Naturally, people interpreted this as Saskay rejecting him, seeing as he tweeted this a few days after Saskay’s eviction. But, the reality is, he could be talking about anything, maybe he was rejected on a movie audition, or maybe a deal of his didn’t fall through. Relating this one vague tweet to a breakup is a stretch.

But today, a clip of Saskay responding to a question asked by a fan surfaced, and it practically confirmed that Saskay and Jaypaul are over. The fan asked Saskay why she refused to give Cross a chance in the house, and she responded that she did, but would give him another chance once the show is done. “Well, I did but it didn’t work out in the house. We’ll try it outside. Just watch out guys.” Saskay responded.

To say this upset the fans would be putting it mildly, as many have come to the conclusion that Saskay is only interested in Cross because of his growing stardom. For a few weeks now, Cross has become one of the fastest rising stars on the show. He went from perpetual obscurity to fan favourite in a matter of weeks, and the fans nowadays can’t seem to get enough of him.

Maybe this is what is infuriating the fans with Saskay’s response. Perhaps they believe that she wants to exploit this growing fanbase, and hitch her wagon to a star. There is also the possibility that she is just being honest, and really does have a thing for Cross, and is willing to explore that once Cross is done with the show. At the end of the day, the ball is firmly in Cross’s court, and he would determine the tide of this whole story.

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