#BBNaija: What if TTT is the real reason for Bisola and Tboss’ aggression, Marvis frustrates other housemates + more highlights

We can bet that since Big Brother Naija graced our screens, we have never had a day as crazy as Day 51 in the house.

If you see the show as the game that it is, then you won’t have cause to take the events of the day personally. Maybe you’ll draw a few lessons but ultimately, you would have been satisfactorily entertained; and that’s why we’re here.

Early on in the day, Bisola reluctantly took over cooking duties and had gotten a breakfast suggestion from Bally. While she was at it, Tboss came with a bag of questions and doubts about the method Bisola used in making the meal, which was French toast by the way. It was pretty clear Tboss was being petty and Bisola when she could not longer take it, burst out in annoyance (though she later claimed she wasn’t yet upset at the time) and both got into a quick exchange.

It was over, or so we thought until HoH Bassey and Efe decided to reconcile both ladies. The theme of the week has an underlying message of kindness so this reconciliation attempt was only to make sure housemates were in line with instructions and kept their wager in place. Tboss could not be bothered, she refused to apologise and Bisola also lost control. Despite Bassey standing in the middle and calmly telling them to be quiet, both ladies went in on each other, used all the swear words in the book, Bisola admitted her aggresiveness and even personalised it, Bassey himself flipped in annoyance and dumped the HoH crown since none of them would respect it and then, Bisola walked out cursing. Now let’s not even lie…who agrees that if there weren’t any ground rules that prevented housemates from getting physical, Bisola would have beaten Tboss to a pulp?

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After cooling off for a bit in the garden, Bisola returned into the house and did the most amazing thing: she apologised to Tboss and Bassey. We’re yet to see Tboss apologise and we hear she says she won’t until she feels ready. True?

After this much needed entertainment episode, housemates got to the task for the day. Biggie read out a series of questions to them and housemates had to rush to the pot of alphabet soup to pick alphabets that would spell out answers, rush back to their stands and set them up. The questions asked were all Big Brother-based. ThinTallTony, Debie-Rise and Bally emerged winners in this task and for a reward, they got a box of pizza and cups of ice cream and Biggie instructed them to share it in the living room while the other housemates sat in the glass to watch it down it all.

Coming down to the day’s Diary Room session, Biggie quizzed the housemates on their perception of Bassey’s ruling style, they were all good except they thought he called too many meetings. On the nominations, some of the housemates have become a bit vindictive. TTT intends to give Marvis a run for her money if he gets to stay beyond next week so we can considerably say she is no longer safe, Efe is sure Bassey doesn’t like him hence the save and replace, Bassey thinks Marvis was petty for nominating Debie-Rise and Bally is of the opinion that if he had the power, he would have saved Tboss and replaced with Bisola.

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Marvis and Bisola got a secret mission to disrupt the coming task of sorting rubbish in the Arena. Marvis sure did an excellent job of being a pest and adding nothing to the task but instead frustrating the efforts of the other housemates. Bisola did not stop complaining about a fake stomach ache and at the end, the task wasn’t completed and Biggie told the housemates it contributed to their wager. We have only two people to blame.

Viewers haven’t stopped talking about Tboss and Bisola’s fight. The video clip that emerged that saw Tboss bragging about how she could spend the prize money in one week caused a bit of ruckus until the unedited version was released and everyone realised she was taken out of context.

Our only takeaway from the fight between Tboss and Bisola over french toast is that TTT is the real french toast the two ladies are fighting over. What do you think?

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