#BBNaija6: White Money finds himself in a messy entanglement

This year, the Big Brother Naija Housemates have been slow or rather reluctant, to get into any romantic relationships. Aside Liquorose and Emmanuel, who’s ship has been sailing smoothly from the onset, the rest of the Housemates are on and off with their emotions, and quick to explore the possibility of a relationship with someone else, if their current situationship is uncomfortable.

This is the case that has led to the possible messy entanglement White Money could find himself in. The story goes something like this. Queen, one of the four new Housemates that to enter the House, initially looked to be forming a relationship with Boma. But after a few days with him, Boma made it clear to her that he didn’t have any feelings for her. Enter White Money, who she quickly rebounded to.

Since being rejected by Boma, she moved to White Money, who himself has been hesitant to fully let her in. So far he has shown her love, albeit a platonic one. And even when she opened up to him, he noted that he can’t be in a relationship with her because she seems confused.

On the other side of the fence, Michael, who was also one of the four new Housemates, found himself in a situationship with Jackie B, the moment he stepped foot in the House. Unfortunately for the pair, they don’t seem to know where they currently stand. The relationship has been a bit rocky, as Jackie B has been weary of the attention Michael gets from other ladies. As a result, she has been distancing herself from someone she clearly likes.

Again, enter White Money. But unlike the situation with Queen, Jackie B is not his rebound, but rather his crush. During the week, he revealed to her that he is attracted to her. Jackie B in turn revealed to Tega that White Money is her ideal man. A man who is loyal and knows what he wants. In her words; “I know I won’t even suspect him for one second.
“He’s a mature man, that’s the type of man that I want, a grown-ass man that knows what he wants. That’s my type of person,” 

With the new week ahead, the drama is promising to be spicy, and it’s hard seeing this entire situation play out, without, one or two people getting their feelings hurt. Who will choose who in this scenario has become a mathematical problem that seems complex to decipher.

What happens if Boma comes around and returns Queen’s feelings? Will she go running back to him, or will she stay and continue to explore what she has with White Money? If the former is the case, will White Money feel used and hurt, or will he leave it be, seeing as he had stated that he doesn’t want a relationship with Queen. If the latter is the case, will queen be wasting her time trying to get White Money to like her, or will White Money give what they have a chance?

With his Jackie B ordeal, Jackie B may still be infatuated with Michael, but playing it safe. If that’s the case, she could decide to throw caution to the wind, at any time, and give her relationship she had with Michael another go. But if she is done with Michael will she run straight into White Money’s hands. With this love triangle, as it is with every other love triangle, the questions is, who will get hurt? Michael, for losing Jackie B to White Money. White Money for losing Jackie B to Michael. Or Jackie B, for choosing to remain with Michael but ultimately regrettuing it.

If in this coming week, they don’t all just leave this relationship thing and focus on the game, at least one person is going to get the short end of the stick, and its all as a result of White Money, who is the focal point and catalyst in the entire equation.

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