#BHTMustEnd: Nigerians on Twitter rally behind troops to end terrorism

Once upon a time, ‘war on terrorism’ was a phrase synonymous with foreign media only. Extremist groups taking up arms, to fight for whatever course they believe in were stories we often watched on CNN or read in the foreign sections of the newspaper, but fast forward to the present where war on terrorism has become a national issue for the people of Nigeria.

The issue of terrorism is one that was allowed breeding grounds. It began with attacks on the locals in the northern part of Nigeria; villages that had very poor security and was fostered by a plethora of traditional and religious claims. As time went on, terrorism in Nigeria escalated into attacks as bold as the bombing of the UN building, and the kidnap of 200 Chibok school girls.

Despite this and the constant strain these terrorist groups continue to cause on the Nigerian people, particularly those in the rural section of the north, the strain on our national security at large, and the damage to our image and reputation as an ‘African giant,’ there has been little progress made in the eradication of this issue, reportedly as a result of the subpar funding from the Nigerian government to support our troops in fighting the war on terror.

Today, people took to Twitter to speak up for this cause. To many users on Nigerian Twitter, enough is enough, and a stand was taken online using the hashtag: #BHTMustEnd.

The discussions had, centered around terrorism with a number of people giving their take on this national incident. For some, the only reason terrorism persists is as a result of the profit it offers. According to these theorists, some people make a lot of money from this unfortunate situation, and as such would do anything to keep it going.

Other people alluded to the fact that people are paid to deliberately tarnish the image of the Nigerian troops as opposed to reporting on the real issue and problems of the country’s security.

In all, majority of the people sympathized with the Nigerian Army, as they attributed the inability of the troops stopping terrorism and the negative light in which they are painted to the those that supposedly stand to make profit from this ugly situation.

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