Brenda is back!- YNaija Tinsel weekly review- April 9th –13th

by Joy Ehonwa

Brenda Nana Mensah is back! There are no words to describe the rush we all felt when we saw her calling Bimpe to find out details of Kwame and Telema’s relationship. She’s looking rather well we must say, and we can’t wait to have her back in Nigeria and physically present in Tinsel Town. Trouble is definitely brewing. For one thing, Kwame still lives in her house with his new bride and it’s unlikely that they will be able to move out before she gets back, especially as she’s likely to show up unannounced. And just how wise was it of Bimpe to deny knowledge of a wedding at which she present? She sure wasn’t thinking.

Phillip Ade-Williams on the other hand is thinking for both himself and his obstinate father who decided to go to Lokoja by road when flights out of town were grounded. He seized the opportunity presented by Fred’s exhausted slumber to turn the car around and head back to Lagos. We can only hope that Fred won’t return home to find his wife already gone. Sheila already put her agent to work getting her an apartment, and Amaka couldn’t stop her from packing her things.

It’s a relief to see that Amaka can actually leave her baby at home, though we must say this new nanny, Hope, is likeable and proved her competence even before she officially resumed work. Amaka finally took action concerning The Flood Journals. She sent out a press release to Tinsel Town saying that Phillip is willing to work with anyone who will help make a good movie. This was her way of leaving the door open for Phillip to patch things up with World Movies without looking stupid, but how livid will he be when he finds out what she has done?

Angela wasn’t sure how to react to the press release. We can’t blame her, she realised it was untypical of Phillip, and she was too upset waiting for her date to think straight. Emil was 30 minutes late, arriving after Angela had downed a whole bottle of wine. We forgave him though- and not just because he had a good explanation. He’s so cute and so sweet we’d forgive him almost anything.

The poor guy hasn’t realised yet that Angela Dede is a nut case. He answered all her questions about his mother, and then she left him there and went home, but not before glaring at him with those eyes of hers when he tried to stop her from leaving the restaurant.

Leaving was much more difficult for Telema though, especially since she’s already married to the tenacious Kwame who didn’t mince words telling her he would not give his consent for annulment papers to be drawn up. He apologised profusely and sincerely for all the trouble he caused and she had no choice but to go back to him. Of course her sister Tare was distressed, but she assured her that she had a plan. “He wants to stay married to me at all costs right? I’ll show him what it feels like to be married to a trapped woman.” We hope she won’t be the one who gets sucked in.

After locking Eneh inside her own home, and making a scene at the police station with the help of her band members all chanting “free posy mi” (we didn’t know Dan Ade-Williams was “posy mi” to them, too) Shalewa finally got what she wanted; her father agreed to see her…

Fred and his son eventually had a bit of an “emotional reconnection”, with the old man explaining that his absence during Phillip’s childhood wasn’t due to a lack of love but simply a tight work schedule. Yeah, we’ve never heard that before. The lovey-dovey atmosphere didn’t last too long though, as Philip, much to the chagrin of Fred, turned the car around and tried to force him back to Lagos. Fred, however, being the hothead that he is, ended up wrestling for the wheel with his son, after which we, and Amaka and Sheila who were on the phone, simply heard a crash. We wonder if this will make Sheila reconsider her plans to leave, or if she’ll stick to her conclusion about institutionalised unions simply not being for her.

Meanwhile Emil managed to convince Angela to let him bring her lunch at home, but Angela clearly had different plans, as she wasted no time in planting a big wet one on her paramour. Unfortunately it seems sex aggravates Angela’s obsessive ways, as she handed Emil a list of rules he would have to follow if he wanted their little quickie to happen again, “and again, and again”. We sincerely hope Angela’s mental state doesn’t cause her to alienate yet another man from her life. Well, if that happens, at least she’ll have a female friend on whose shoulders she can cry on, as she and Tare seem to be getting closer and closer.

Till next week!


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